How to move with the plants?

If you are one of those crazy plant lovers, who want their plants everywhere they go, then this post is for you. Because when you have to move somewhere, you need to consider all the possibilities of moving and you have to be very careful about the plants as well.

Moving your plants could be challenging because a single torn leaf could be very frustrating for you and for the plant as well. but when you know how to do it at the level of excellence, you can achieve your goals easily.

Here are some tips from the professional removalist that you would find effective.

  1. Give your plants a good prune

Prepping your plants out for the moving process can give you a lot of benefits because the plants when prunes before moving, they would be in a good shape and there won’t be a lot of branches and shoots coming out of it. So when you would cut them off, they would get entangled in the things less, and there would be a lesser chance of damage. Also, pruning away the old leaves and shoots gives better new ones.

  1. Repot in plastic pots

Next you would require to transit the plants to the new plastic pots. This is because of the two reasons; one is the fact that the plastic pots are light weighted so they would be super easy to move from one place to another. And secondly, they are moving of plants to the new pots would allow you to wrap the plants properly, so they do not get damaged at all. 

  1. Check for plant pests before moving

Instead of taking the old pests to your new home, try checking the plants for the pests and use a good and less harmful pesticide. This would help kill the pests and the chance of getting the nests to your new home would be minimized as well. if there are any diseased plants, get rid of them before moving.

  1. Water the plants a lot but not when moving

This rule applies, whether you are moving in hot or cold weather. Give a lot of water to your plants so that the water retains inside and do not water when you have to move. It will minimize the weight of the plants and there would be less damage.