The words “cleaning” and “fun” are rarely ever used in the same sentence. But thankfully, there are many handy cleaning tools on Amazon that can help make the endless jobs around the home easier and more painless.

Given the shopping site’s hefty offering of cleaning gadgets, it can get overwhelming figuring out which ones are worth buying. So, to help us identify the best of the best, we reached out to cleaning professionals for their favorites.

From slippers that double as little mops to a top-rated vacuum that takes care of even the most stubborn messes, here are 12 Amazon products cleaning pros swear by.

Window blinds duster


Be honest—how many times a month do you actually clean your blinds? Tidying this tight spot can seem like a struggle, but there’s a nifty product that makes the job much easier.

“This duster is perfect for getting rid of dust and debris in hard-to-reach areas like window blinds,” says Karina Toner, operations manager at Spekless Cleaning.

Besides blinds, it also works great on home air conditioners, fans, car air conditioners, and wood lattice on doors.

Grout brush


Matthew Baratta, vice president of operations at Daimer Industries, a commercial cleaning equipment company, recommends picking up this extendable, hard-bristle brush for when you want to give your home a deep clean.

“This is ideal for scrubbing the corners of showers and baseboards, cleaning tile grout, and even performing outdoor restorations on decks and cement,” Baratta says. “Additionally, the bristles are durable enough to complete your cleaning but are made from material that will not scratch hard surfaces.”

Swiffer WetJet


Is a house really complete without a Swiffer WetJet?

“This all-in-one cleaning system makes it easy to clean floors quickly and effectively,” says Adam Moore, owner and operator of Paradise Home Cleaning in Toronto. “The WetJet solution loosens dirt and grime, while the absorbent pad traps and locks it away.”

Moore points out that this product also features a spray function for targeted cleaning.

Drill brush


When a cleaning gadget goes viral on TikTok, it has to be good, right?

Chris Willatt, owner of Alpine Maids in Denver, says the internet-famous drill brush attachments are something everyone with a cordless power drill should have on hand.

“They are perfect for heavy-duty scrubbing on shower basins and ovens,” he says. “These things will scrub out a nasty and deep stain really quickly with minimal elbow grease on your end.”

Avoid using these brushes on glass or plastic that can easily scratch, and make sure to use these with the appropriate cleaner for the space you’re scrubbing.

Electric power washer


If you want to get your home’s exterior in tiptop shape, Amber Noyes, horticulturist and the editor of Gardening Chores, suggests picking up this pressure washer.

“These are amazing for blasting away dirt, grime, and mildew from your patio or deck,” she says. “I personally use this one, and it works like a charm every time.”

Boasting over 37,000 5-star ratings, this tool is excellent for cleaning driveways, outdoor furniture, and walkways, too.

Mop slippers


No, they’re not a joke. With these innovative mop slippers, you’ll never have to bend over to scrub your floors again.

“These are a fun and easy way to keep floors clean,” says Toner. “Simply slip them on and start mopping.”

Available in a wide range of colors, each order comes with five pairs so that mopping can become a fun family affair.

Cleaning putty


Imagine if silly putty could help you get crumbs out of every little nook and cranny. That’s the idea behind cleaning putty

“This is great for picking up dirt and crumbs from keyboards, car interiors, and other small spaces,” says Toner. It’s also fun to use.

Microwave cleaner


Microwaves tend to get dirty really quickly. Thankfully, this handy gadget uses steam to wear down even the most stubborn of stains.

“It’s a fun and effective way to clean your microwave without any harsh chemicals,” says Toner.

All you have to do is remove the top of the cleaner, fill it with vinegar and water, and pop it into the microwave for five to eight minutes to create steam. After the time is up, you’ll be able to easily wipe down the inside of your microwave.

Mop and bucket


Traditional mops are often heavy, cumbersome, and hard to manage. Thankfully, this sleek kit helps simplify the whole process.

“This pick makes mopping a breeze with its built-in wringer and splash guard,” says Toner.

Loved by over 5,000 shoppers who gave this mop and bucket a 5-star rating, this invaluable cleaning system is simple to use and incredibly easy to store.

Shark vacuum


A high-quality vacuum is a must-have in any home. The Shark Navigator is one of Amazon’s top-rated models, a heavy-duty machine that does a great job picking up pet hair, dirt, dust, and more.

“This is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that works on carpets, hard floors, and everything in between,” says Toner.

Mrs Meyer’s cleaner spray

Even the smallest adjustments to your cleaning routine can make a big difference.

If you’re interested in switching over your traditional cleaning supplies for more eco-friendly, natural ones, look no further than Mrs. Meyer’s.

Recommended by Toner, this brand makes lovely-smelling cleaning products using plant-derived ingredients and essential oils.

Its all-purpose spray is an especially excellent product to start with.

“This is a natural and effective cleaner that can be used on almost any surface,” says Toner.

Gutter cleaner


Are you tired of struggling to clear your gutters? If so, pick up a telescoping gutter cleaner wand.

“The Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaner has saved me countless hours and potential ladder accidents,” Noyes says. “It easily reaches and cleans gutters with a powerful blast of water.”

Available for around $40, this handy household tool offers convenience at a reasonable price.