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* Shooting Digital has the best tutorial series on the topic of Photoshop.
* The web site Media Professional Online (``) includes a good intro to Photoshop for beginning users.
* The YouTube tutorials are many and useful.
* Photoshop has a vast array of online training courses and support available.
* Chapters in this book discuss Photoshop for beginners.
* Books on Photoshop are readily available.

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Installing Adobe Photoshop Elements

Plugins for editing Photoshop Elements can be installed in either of the following methods.

Method 1: Download the Plugins Manually

Plugins must be manually installed on an image editing computer.

Step 1: Connect the imaging device to the computer and open the software.

Step 2: Go to Add-ons and click on Additional Plugins.

Step 3: Select the plugin and click Add.

The plugin has now been added to the software.

Method 2: Install a Plugin in Integrated Mode

Plugins can also be installed in integrated mode. This is an easier way to install plugins for editing images in Photoshop Elements.

Step 1: Open Photoshop Elements and go to Add-ons and click on Plugins.

Step 2: A list of installed plugins appears on the screen.

Step 3: Go to the plugin in the list that you want to install and click on Install.

Step 4: The installation progress bar appears on the plugin selection.

Step 5: The plugin has now been installed.

Uninstalling Plugins

Plugins can be uninstalled after they are installed. All plugins in Photoshop Elements are listed in add-ons after they are installed.

Method 1: Select the plugin and click Remove.

A confirmation message appears that asks for the plugin to be removed completely.

Method 2: Select the plugin and click Uninstall.

A confirmation message appears that asks for the plugin to be removed.

Step 1: Select the plugin you want to uninstall and click the Remove button.

Step 2: A confirmation message appears that asks for the plugin to be removed completely.

Step 3: Select Okay and the plugin is removed from Photoshop Elements.

Recovering deleted files

Image files (also known as image files) are the most important files used in the editing process. The risk is that image files may be deleted inadvertently, especially when you are working on a large number of files.

Method 1:

Plugins for Photoshop Elements allow you to recover files that have been deleted.

Plugins for Photoshop Elements allow you to recover files that have been deleted.

Step 1: Open the software.

Step 2: Go to Add-ons and click on Additional Plugins.

Step 3: In the list of plugins, select the plugin that contains the file you

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How can I know if any command has completed execution on my linux server?

I am a newbie to linux and I want to know if any commands have been executed on a Linux server without any human intervention. If so, how can I know when each command has been completed?


You can use the following:
ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep -v sshd


A suitable command might be something like this, use at your own risk! – You may need to amend this a bit if you use something other than Cuda as your target cpu
Update the paths to your CUDA and Nvidia-CUDA as required.
$ cat


# execute the test

[ “$OUTPUT” -eq “0” ] && echo “success” && cat $
[ “$OUTPUT” -eq “1” ] && echo “failed” && cat $

# if CUDA is not present, check the paths.
if [! -f /usr/bin/nvcc ]; then
echo “Could not find Nvidia C compiler in path”

$OUTPUT=$(nvcc -V)

# copy to another file so we can verify

# clean up
rm -f $OUTPUT $OUTPUT.tmp


I think “getting notified by mail” is the best solution.
I have always used a script that launches a notify script (e.g. /usr/sbin/notify) that in turn invokes a command (e.g. /usr/bin/notify-send) and feeds the result back to my script that will then be notified of the completion of this action.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida Atlantic University got its first taste of preseason play this weekend.

Saturday, FSU coach Willie Taggart’s team played host to the AAC Football Media Days at FAU Stadium.

Sensing the occasion, Taggart, his players and their families wore white t-shirts with a Seminoles logo before the 12:

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The Jordan Brand Classic 9 is back for 2017!

Adidas has unveiled the brand new Jordan 11 Low in school-orange and red, via @adidasmerch on Instagram. We’re used to seeing all-white versions of the silhouette since the sneaker first debuted in the mid ’90s, but this is the first time this classic silhouette has ever been released in school-orange.

Whether the trend continues for this season’s Jordan 11 Low we’ll have to wait and see, but these are definitely some of the most interesting colorways we’ve seen from the silhouette since it’s return.

Mechteld, also known as “Mechanics,” is now the first guild to move into the Shadowfell.

Stations of Power (Nov-Dec)

This week brought the return of Delainy, a planetary station located on Woling-Tehan, along with the Silvenous Station, on Dun Morogh. Wulfgar, a dwarf, made his return in the Blizzard on Thursday, in the role of an expert gnomish artificer.

Mechteld, a half-orc, fought his way to the top, winning five Pugs, achieving the rank of Etharius, and becoming the first guild to move into the Shadowfell.

Sylvan, a panther, joined the Order of the Black Rose, leaving behind her home, Petranil.

Nix, a half-gnome, joined the Ethereal Order, leaving her home, Surbrin.

Blamey, a gnome, joined the Elminster’s Legion, leaving the Greenbelt behind.

Ingerah, a tauren, sought a fresh start, joining the Order of the Sun and the newly-formed Dourhands.

Jarek, a tauren, stayed loyal to the Greenbelt (kicking him out) and joined the Order of the Sun.

Kadan, a dwarf, came back into the fold, leaving behind his home of Sargava.

Borrakand, a tauren, abandoned his home, Dalaran, in search of peace.

Orz, a gnome, left Dalaran and the Greenbelt, heading for Shadowdale.

Delainy was the most difficult of these, representing everyone from Orz to Indat and Eleranian.

Character Designer

System Requirements For Photoshop Gradient Background Download:

OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 20 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA 9400M or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Controller: Xbox 360 Controller with USB cable
Additional Notes: The Xbox 360 controller is required for this DLC (not included with the game)
Game of the Year Edition ($19.99)
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