* Travel and meet new friends in more than one million virtual rooms;
* Build amazing 3D games with tons of immersive content;
* Discover and play games that build creative capacity;
* Invite your friends to play with your games;
* Discover other kids and toys of all ages;
* Earn Robux and other virtual currency for playing with your friends;
* Follow and engage your favorite community of players;
* Experience your favorite characters and settings;
* And much, much more!
Roblox Features:
* Create: Build your own games for the world to play!
* Play: Connect with millions of players in virtual worlds across the globe.
* Explore: Immerse yourself in a vast collection of games, experiences and stories.
* Discover: Discover your new favorite games, or play the latest hits!
* Invite: Invite the people in your life to play, get game suggestions, follow and play with friends.
* Earn: Gain Robux that can be used to purchase new worlds or characters!
* Connect: Invite your favorite games characters in-game and visit the online gallery to see everything your friends are up to!
* Chat: Express your creativity and share your imagination with the world by writing stories, drawing, exploring or playing games.
* Explore: Immerse yourself in a vast collection of games, experiences and stories.
* Discover: Discover your new favorite games, or play the latest hits!
* Grow: As your interests evolve, you can add new experiences, characters, games, friends and many other pieces to your world.
* Create: Build your own games for the world to play!
* Shop: Visit The Market Place to purchase new worlds, characters, items, hats, clothes and more.
Please be patient with problem reports and suggestions. We are new, and still in the process of learning how to run our own site. All of our moderators are volunteers, and are not always available during normal business hours. We want to make sure you are satisfied with our support, and would ask you to email us if we haven’t been able to respond within 24 hours.
You can reach us at [email protected], or visit us on social media:


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