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published: 05 Mar 2017

A History of Videogame Music

In 2014, we watched David Harwood, the composer of Portal 2, talk about his love for videogames on YouTube. We were fascinated by his story and the impact he said it had on him. We were also curious about the history of videogame music, so we began to dig into the topic. We watched hundreds of videos and talked to as many composers as we could. In this video, we hope to share what we found.
We hope you enjoy our exploration of videogame music, and that you discover as much as we did.
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An in-depth spin off of our original documentary produced by Source and Shock1.
Enter the world in which humans have mastered cameras. Mere mortals, the majority of us, never dreamt of directly controlling cameras, but no longer do we have to be passive watchers. Now we can act like the gods we never were, and watch them from above. But as we feel the walls between ourselves and technology closing in, does it also represent the closing in of the outside world in to our homes? Where humans and machines blend together?
We’ve called in some heavyweight human experts to help us explore how technology has reshaped our relationship with each other, and with the world.
We began this journey at Colombia University, where Thought Champion Kelly Garrison and Artificial Scholar Carl Vause and their peers helped us to see into the future.
Now it’s time to share those insights with you.
In our first part, Kelly [1] tells us about the effects of technology on the job market, and how the inflection point is approaching when AI will be able to do what only the smartest humans can. Carl [2] tells us about the process of creating an artificial mind, and what happens when humans try to understand technology. Together they explore whether the path to a soul is a computer, or whether it’s just a machine.
Kelly [3] and Carl [4] talk about the Utopian visions [5] and warnings [6] of certain groups, where humans and machines get along, or if that’s something that will happen at all.
And finally, we use the facts and philosophies of the two professors to explore the role technology plays in the relationship between the human and the natural world.
I’m really excited about


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A spin on the classic UFO game. You have to collect a total of 12 items while exploring space in your hot and speedy little vehicle. Make sure you complete each level under a certain time limit. After you’ve completed your time, collect the gold coins and you’ll receive the Stargazer achievement. If you encounter enemies, you have to fight them or fly away from them. It can be a bit difficult to figure out how to play, but it’s still a nice little game.


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