3 SMS Marketing Tools Your Dealership’s Competitors Aren’t Using Yet

SMS Marketing Software: What Is It?

Companies can create and carry out marketing campaigns that are directed at mobile devices using SMS (Short Message Service) by using SMS marketing software, also referred to as business text messaging software. 

By sending relevant, personalised messages to customers’ mobile devices, this kind of software aids businesses in fostering greater brand loyalty and engagement. Marketing teams implement digital promotions using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), polls, coupons, surveys, and more to target potential customers using permission-based subscribe links within campaign messages. 

Businesses can quickly and easily add a large number of new subscribers with the help of bulk messaging, which allows users to send numerous promotional text messages with just one click. Teams in sales and customer service can use SMS to text customers and prospects in a two-way conversation.

1. Advanced Automation and Integrations

Want to make your sales and marketing operations more efficient? Integrating SimpleTexting with other tools makes your team work more productively, even though it sounds too good to be true.

For instance, you can use Zapier to link SimpleTexting with countless other platforms, such as your CRM, sales management system, social media platforms, and just about any other tool. 

Take advantage of our advanced automation, which are custom integrations that we build and maintain specifically for your dealership’s needs and processes if you want an integration that fits seamlessly into your dealership’s existing processes.

It’s comparable to purchasing a custom Armani suit that includes free, ongoing dry cleaning.

2. SMS Keywords

 It’s one of the simplest ways to add contacts to your contact list who are actively searching for their next car.

Prospects can text a word or phrase to your number to be added to your list once you’ve set up a keyword. You can offer to send them:

  • Alerts to price changes
  • Information on particular vehicles
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Invites to events

One clever dealer created a special keyword for each car on the lot and encouraged customers to text it for additional information and pricing. Each customer who texted the keyword was added to a special list that was used to send them notifications about price changes, special offers, and details about comparable models.

3. MMS

Most people want to see actual photos of the vehicles they’re interested in, although some daredevils do purchase cars online without ever seeing them. Dealers.com discovered that new cars with real photos had a 30% higher chance of generating at least one lead over a week. 

Text messages, what about them? According to our research, including images in your MMS marketing campaigns can increase click-through rates by 52%. 

Take it a step further by creating videos that convince potential customers to schedule a test drive right away.

Why Consider Guni SMS?

  • Customizable

Customizable With our bulk SMS gateway services, you can communicate with customers based on their known preferences and data points, such as how often and how they prefer to be contacted. Your audience will be happier with your brand if you tailor your messaging to their preferences more. 

  • Cost-Effective 

SMS marketing programmes like Guni SMS are more affordable than traditional marketing and promotion techniques. However, due to their flexibility and adaptability, they have the potential to produce a much higher return on investment.

  • Amiable with Data 

With Guni’s SMS marketing platform, you can gather a wide range of behavioural data, such as the types of messages customers read and click on, as well as customer details like communication preferences. This helps with ongoing performance optimisation and the enhancement of subsequent communications.

  • No Party Information

The privacy of zero-party data is the main concern of consumers, and marketers have had a hard time adjusting to new limitations on data sharing between applications. You have a fantastic opportunity to gather zero-party data—information that a customer has voluntarily and directly shared with a business—with the help of SMS marketing with us, which you can then use to better tailor your experience.

  • Appealing 

Bulk SMS marketing messages are popular with customers, especially when they are personalised for the recipient. It takes a lot of trusts for a customer to give you their mobile number, so using SMS marketing wisely, as Guni does, is a great opportunity to strengthen customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Hardly Any Opposition 

Although almost everyone uses bulk SMS, few businesses still use it as a marketing tool. The area is much less cluttered than channels like email, and this is our best feature. This allows you to stand out much more easily and faces less competition for clients’ attention. 

So what are you waiting for? Start today with Guni!