Whether you’re looking for romantic gift ideas or cute accessories to share with friends, express your love and affection with handmade Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Our collection of gift ideas includes handmade projects, personalized valentines, and tasty ideas for treats. These DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to show loved ones how much you care.

Woven Hearts

Kelsey Hansen

Peekaboo sweater hearts will have your recipient feeling like a grade-school crush. Grab that loom stashed in the attic, pick your favorite yarn, and do some over-under weaving. Sandwich the woven panel between a blank folded card and cardstock with a heart cutout. 

Handmade Bouquet Wraps

Adam Albright

Dress up that bunch of grocery store blooms with a quick DIY wrap and our free printable tags. Your loved one will appreciate the handmade touch. Plus, this easy Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect for last-minute giving.

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Sweet Treats

Carson Downing

Meet our latest crush—artfully marbled meringue cookies that are crisp on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside, and as charming as your special someone. You don’t need any special equipment—just a couple of spoons—to create their whimsical swooping shapes. Tint with blushing shades of red, pink, and purple paste food coloring, and vary the flavor with raspberry, strawberry, and even cake batter extracts. Find the recipe here.

DIY Leather Keychain

This chic-looking handmade keychain is made from leather scraps and golden hardware. We love the look of natural colors like beige and tan, but you can personalize it with metallic, colored, and even printed leather from your local crafts store.

DIY “Perfume” Bottles

Cody Guilfoyle

When recipients open these “perfume bottles,” they’ll be delightfully surprised to find a sweet treat of jelly beans, chocolate-covered candies, Jordan almonds—whatever your person prefers. Print our free labels from Darcy Miller and tape them onto plastic candy boxes.

Buy It: Clear Favor Boxes ($16, Walmart)

DIY Canvas Tote

Brie Passano

Perfect for anyone on-the-go, this oversize canvas and leather tote bag is roomy enough to hold everyday essentials. Customize your handmade bag with a colorful or patterned fabric liner. Make it using our easy instructions—you should be able to complete the project in an afternoon.

Custom Collage

Kelsey Hansen

Customize plain white cards with letters and shapes snipped from thin, semitranslucent vellum. Grab a pencil and trace shapes onto a sheet, then cut out and attach using a glue stick or quick-setting gel glue. For a fun twist, keep the edges of flower petals and leaves unglued so they lift and flutter.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Marty Baldwin

Know someone who’s a bit stressed? Give them the gift of relaxation with a box of homemade bath bombs. Loaded with essential oils and dried flowers, these pretty bath bombs can be customized with favorite scents, colors, and flowers. Make a big batch and keep a few for yourself.

String Art

Kelsey Hansen

These stunners will remind you how much you adored string crafts. Print a template and use it to poke guide holes into cardstock. Thread embroidery floss along the design in connect-the-dots fashion and attach your creation to the front of a blank card using quick-setting gel glue or double-stick tape.

Bath Tea

Marty Baldwin

Mix up a batch of homemade bath tea as a relaxing spa gift for your significant other or bestie this Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to make (just add oats, epsom salts, and flowers to a small drawstring bag) and you can customize the colors of the dried flower for each recipient.

DIY Envelope Clutch

Brie Passano

A classic envelope clutch never goes out of style. We’ve given our DIY version a modern twist with colorful floral fabric and striped liner. Sew your own Valentine’s Day gift for her using just three fabric rectangles and our simple step-by-step instructions.

Editor’s Tip: Use hook-and-loop tape ($4, Walmart) to create an easy closure.

Valentine’s Day Love Wall String Art

Jay Wilde

String art looks complicated, but it comes together quickly and makes a great personalized Valentine’s Day gift. Paint a piece of lightweight wood your desired color. Trace a heart shape using a pencil, and stencil the outline of the “LOVE” or your word of choice. Tap thin nails along the lines of the shape and word, spacing them about 1/2 inch apart. Loop a thin yarn or string from nail to nail, across, up and down, and side to side, until you achieve the desired look.

Surprise-Inside Valentine

Marty Baldwin

What’s better than a sweet Valentine? A sweet treat to go with it! We have the free pattern and instructions to create this fun Cupid-inspired card for a loved one. Fill the finished cards with a small treat or trinket.

Alphabet Crayon Melts

Johnny Miller

Don’t throw away your broken crayons! Simply transform them into a kid-friendly love letter that they’ll use again and again. To make, start by peeling the wrappers off the crayons. Break down the crayons to make melting easier. Place the crayons in a microwave-safe container with an inch of water. Microwave in bursts of 30 seconds. Use a spoon to dab the melted crayons into an alphabet candy mold. Scrape a thin spatula across the top of the mold to remove excess; let cool. Pop letters out and compose your message.

Rope “Love” Art

Steven McDonald

Express your love for your special someone with a sweet sentiment made from rope. To make, douse thick natural fiber rope in a mix of 1-1/2 cups warm water, 1 cup flour, 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup crafts glue, and 1 teaspoon salt. Shape the rope into a word and a frame, laying the design on a piece of plastic wrap. Use light-gauge wire to add stability and to form tight letter shapes. The letters should harden within 24 hours. When dry, tack the lettering on the wall, attaching decorative birds or other embellishments as desired.

Editor’s Tip: Write your word on the plastic wrap using a permanent marker first as a guide for the design.

DIY Valentine’s Initials Pennant Flag

Showcase your love (or cheer on someone else’s romance) with this DIY Valentine’s initials pennant flag. They’ll be touched by the effort you put into this handmade Valentine’s Day gift.

Conversation Cookies

Johnny Miller

Send a sweet message with these homemade Valentine’s Day cookies. The key to creating a clear message is red food coloring. Simply dab red food color onto clean alphabet rubber stamps ($6, Michaels) and press on purchased sugar cookies. Pair a batch of these with a few of our free Valentine’s Day coupons.

Colorful Resin Coasters

Marty Baldwin

Make a set of DIY resin coasters to showcase anything you like. Make a set with dried flowers for your Galentine, or add sentimental photos to the resin mixture to create a meaningful gift for your partner.

Swag Bags

Marshall Johnson

Gift the gift of glamour this Valentine’s Day. Fill mini fabric drawstring bags ($9 for 12, Oriental Trading Co.) with candy, nail polish, liquor, and other small items. Customize these for friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

Leather Grill Untensils

Blaine Moats

Give your partner the gift of grilling this Valentine’s Day. They’ll love the rugged look of the leather-wrapped handles. To make this easy Valentine’s Day gift for him, start with an inexpensive set of utensils and use leather cording to dress them up.

Buy It: 3-Piece Tool Set ($10, Target)

Polymer Clay Earrings

Marty Baldwin

These homemade polymer clay earrings make a sweet Valentine’s Day gift because they can be completely customized by color and shape. Plus, polymer clay ($2, Michaels) is relatively inexpensive. Grab several colors, cut out a few shapes, and make gifts for all your friends at the same time.

Homemade Candles

Emily VanSchmus

A scented candle makes a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for friends, teachers, or anyone else you want to celebrate but aren’t sure what to give them. The best part: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy store-bought candles. It’s easy to make your own DIY scented candles (just add a few drops of red dye to turn the wax pink for Valentine’s Day) and you can easily make a whole batch at once.

Semi-DIY Printable Gifts

Brie Passano

These fun bubble gifts are a fast and easy Valentine’s Day gift for kids—they’re perfect for a classroom Valentine exchange too. Tie our free printable tags to individual bubble containers to give this quick craft a homemade touch.

Leather Passport Holder

Carson Downing

Give the gift of travel this Valentine’s Day. Make your special someone a thoughtful homemade gift out vintage leather—and one they’ll get use out of for years to come.

Love Banner Cupcakes

Kathryn Gamble

Get your “Happy Valentine’s Day” message across loud and clear. Print love notes or valentine greetings on decorative paper, and cut into narrow strips. Wrap each strip around a toothpick, and glue a tiny wood bead to the tip. Use this recipe (or try one of our other Valentine’s Day cupcake recipes) to adorn your favorite frosted cupcakes with the sweet, heartfelt messages.

Painted Mason Jars

Adam Albright

Pink Mason jars make pretty, on-theme vases for your Valentine’s Day flower gift. To make, paint the outside of the jars with two coats of paint. We mixed several shades of pink with white to create a range of hues. For a touch of glam, mask the top of the jar with painter’s tape and cover the bottom with glitter spray paint.

Personalized Mugs

Kritsada Panichgul

All you need to make these adorable personalized mugs are permanent marker pens and plain white mugs. Write your Valentine’s Day message on the mug with the marker and bake at 350 degrees in the oven for 30 minutes to set the marker. Stuff the finished mugs with your valentine’s favorite treats.

Editor’s Tip: Do not wait for the oven to preheat to put the mugs in. Put the mugs in the oven immediately when you set the heat and set timer for 30 minutes.

Homemade Lotion

Bryan E. McCay

Whip up a custom lotion using essential oils. Simply add a few drops to unscented lotion for a custom blend. Package the lotion into Mason jars and tie with a handwritten note.

Stamped Muslin Candy Bags

Cameron Sadeghpour

Gift your loved one’s favorite candy in a hand-designed muslin bag. Place a piece of smooth card stock inside a muslin bag and stamp an image onto the front. Remove the card stock, set the bag aside to dry, and fill with candy. Make the gift in bulk for coworkers or as a Valentine’s Day party favor.

Colorful Felt Pouch

Carson Downing

Transform inexpensive felt into a chic pouch that’s perfect for holding trinkets or small treats. To make, cut two circles of colored wool felt. Use iron-on adhesive to secure the pieces together. Using an eyelet kit and rotary punch of the same size, punch holes around circle. Use the eyelet tool to set eyelets. Cut ribbon to size, knot one end, and add a bead. Weave the ribbon in and out of the eyelets, then add another wooden bead and knot.

Framed Valentine Gift

Kritsada Panichgul

A handmade valentine will mean a lot to your loved one, but a frame will keep it secure. Punch or cut heart shapes from different colors and patterns of card stock, and adhere the hearts to a pink sheet of paper to create a background. Print this quote or make your own card, cut out, and attach to the backing. Frame it for a special gift for your sweetheart.

Travel Magnetic Chinese Checkers Game

Are you and your partner always on the go? Craft a fun gift that’ll have you ditching time on the phone in favor of some friendly competition. This DIY magnetic Chinese checkers game is made with magnetic paper ($21, Office Depot) and painted wood beads.

Love Quote Apron

Kritsada Panichgul

If your valentine likes to cook, they’ll love this apron with a bold quote reminding them of your affection. Get the pattern and print onto iron-on transfer paper, following the manufacturer’s instructions. If an apron isn’t your thing, use our free t-shirt pattern instead.

Romantic Movie Basket

Cameron Sadeghpour

Put together a date-night-in-a-box with your valentine’s favorite movie, two small bottles of champagne, and his favorite candy for the two of you to enjoy. Your thoughtfulness will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Bonus: Include marshmallows and roasting twigs for an evening by the fire. If you need movie inspiration, these are the best romantic movies for Valentine’s Day you can stream.

Love Quote Wine Labels

Kritsada Panichgul

Spruce up your valentine’s favorite bottle of wine with a cute love quote label. Use our suggested food and wine pairings to turn the sweet and simple gift into a romantic evening complete with dinner and a movie.

Photo Transfer Artwork

Steven McDonald

This Valentine’s Day, gift a dreamy, stylized set of wall art with our simple and elegant photo transfer project. First, print a favorite photo on an overhead transparency. Cover the surface of a canvas with a thin coat of gel medium, a clear gloss finish that can be found at your local crafts store, then place the transparency ink-side down onto the gel. Burnish it with the back of a spoon. Lift a corner to see if the image has transferred, then peel off the film completely. The resulting image will have an artsy, rustic quality. Transfer several images on different-size canvases and group them for a cool wall display.

Handmade Memory Board

Adam Albright

This magnetic memo board is as functional as it is stylish. Simply cut decorative paper to fit inside a cookie sheet and glue it to the pan. To make the board special for Valentine’s Day, add photos of you and your loved one, an antique love letter, or a handwritten poem.

Triple-Chocolate Truffles

Kritsada Panichgul

What says “Valentine’s Day” more than a box of homemade sweet chocolate truffles? Plastic boxes, mini red cupcake liners, and festive fabric are all you need to gift the decadent candies.

Burlap-Wrapped Flower Vases

Cameron Sadeghpour

Dress up your Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. Fill a simple cylinder vase with pretty flowers and wrap the vase with a matching-color piece of burlap. Cut a strip of burlap wide enough to wrap around the cylinder, and line the top and bottom edges and the ends of the burlap with adhesive. Attach the burlap strip to the vase. Cover the top and bottom edges of the burlap with thin velvet ribbon, using fabric glue to secure.

Love Pillow

Kritsada Panichgul

Personalize a throw pillow or T-shirt with our pretty pattern that spells out “love” with a heart. Print the pattern onto iron-on transfer paper to make this sweet gift or add it to your Valentine’s Day decor.

Wrapped Vases

Adam Albright

Give your plain glassware a comfy feel with these sweater cozies. Stretch a piece of an old sweater around a glass vase or candleholder, right side in. Pin the sweater ends together to create a snug fit, slip off the glass, and sew where pinned. Cut off the excess, then turn right side out. Use various sweater accents, such as buttons, pockets, sleeves, and ribbing, to dress up your glassware.

Envelope Pillow Cover

Matthew Clark

Looking for a personalized Valentine’s Day gift idea? Make a DIY envelope pillow cover using a special sweatshirt. Add a sentimental touch by using a shirt featuring their favorite sports team, alma mater, or a special place.

Cute Soda Case Carrier

Cameron Sadeghpour

Make a case of your valentine’s favorite soda or beer even more special with a few simple touches. Wrap a piece of embossed red scrapbook paper around the cardboard case, securing with double-stick tape. Fold another piece of card stock to cover the handle and cut out the opening. Embellish the package with a length of narrow velvet ribbon and a stamped tag.

Candy-Heart Frames

Cameron Sadeghpour

Dress up a simple picture frame with colorful candy hearts for a sweet Valentine gift idea. Cut out a cardboard circle to fit on top of a square frame. Adhere hearts as shown, then glue the cardboard to the frame. Pair with a favorite photo of you and your loved one for a gift you both will cherish.

Gumdrop Candy Jar

Jay Wilde

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like a sweet treat. Stack assorted gumdrops on a toothpick and stick inside a small mason jar. Decorate the Mason jar with your choice of ribbon. These adorable Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect for when you’re looking to give out multiple valentines because they’re easy and require minimal supplies.

Special Delivery Candy Box

Cameron Sadeghpour

Personalize a small candy box to make a special gift. Cut a square of decorative paper large enough to cover the box lid and sides; cut diagonal slits in the corners. Glue paper to the lid and fold the paper edges down, lining up the corners and trimming any excess if necessary. Download the “special delivery” pattern and print onto card stock. Cut out and attach to the box lid with glue or double-stick tape.

Complimentary Chocolates

Alexandra Grablewski

Express your love with something sweet. Let your significant other know just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day with these adorable chocolate compliments. To create, simply write sweet messages on patterned paper and wrap around mini chocolates. Secure each with tape and place in a jar.

Dyed Muddler

Blaine Moats

Need a gift for someone who’s into the craft cocktail scene? This bar tool is a must for them. One French rolling pin makes two DIY drink muddlers. Beet juice gives them the rosy hue.

Personalized Kitchen Container (Plus Treats!)

Cameron Sadeghpour

Fill in the blank: The way to the heart is through the _____. Yep, food is always the answer. In this case, homemade cookies in a chalkboard-label jar make things personal. To make, trim vinyl chalkboard to size, round the edges with a punch, and stick it on your container. Fill with baked goods.

Heart Candle Wreath

Dean Tanner

Let this whimsical candle wreath set the mood for a Valentine’s Day gathering or a quiet evening for two. It also makes a pretty DIY Valentine’s Day centerpiece.