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 The beautiful Wayanad district, located in southern India, is well-known for its misty hills, thick forests, and magnificent waterfalls. A road drive from Bangalore to Wayanad offers an enjoyable and refreshing experience and is the ideal break from the city’s hustle and bustle. This road trip is perfect for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and history fans equally because it features well-maintained motorways, picturesque itineraries, and a wide variety of activities. In this guide, you will be provided with  all the details you require to plan your trip from Bangalore to Wayanad, such as the top attractions to see, travelling advice, as well as suggestions for food and places to stay. Prepare to have a trip of a lifetime as you explore Wayanad’s natural beauty and rich culture.


The most effective mode of transportation to go to Wayanad is by road, using a car or a bus. Bangalore has a variety of automobile rental companies, or you can take a bus to Wayanad from Bangalore. Calicut International Airport, located about 100 km from Wayanad, is the closest airport. The NH275 and NH766 route between Bangalore and Wayanad is beautiful and enjoyable. 


Distance and time of travel:

 In terms of distance and travel time, Wayanad is roughly 280 km away from Bangalore and can be reached by driving in 6-7 hours. The most efficient route is via the well-maintained highways NH275 and NH766.


Best time to visit: 

From October to May, Wayanad experiences beautiful weather that is perfect for touring. It may be challenging to travel during the region’s monsoon season, which lasts from June to September.


Locations to visit:


Mysore Palace

You can stop at Mysore Palace, one of India’s most exquisite palaces, en route to Wayanad. The palace is renowned for its beautiful artwork and exquisite carvings and is a superb example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.


Bandipur National Park :

 Bandipur National Park is a must-visit for nature lovers and is situated on the route to Wayanad. Numerous wildlife species, including tigers, elephants, and deer, call the park home. The park is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and is a great location for photography.


Edakkal Caves

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in the area is Edakkal Caves, which are situated in the Ambukuthi Hills near Wayanad. The caves are a must-see for history buffs because of their ancient rock sculptures.


Chembra Peak :

The tallest peak in Wayanad, Chembra Peak, lies close to Kalpetta and provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The peak is a well-liked destination for adventure seekers and is perfect for trekking.


Soochipara Falls

One of Wayanad’s most stunning waterfalls is Soochipara Falls, which is close to Meppadi. The waterfall is a well-liked location for picnics and photography. It cascades down from a height of about 200 metres.


Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Elephants, tigers, and deer are among the many wildlife species that call the 344 square km Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary their home. The sanctuary is a favourite destination for those who love the outdoors and is well renowned for its beautiful environment.



Wayanad provides a variety of lodging choices, from luxury resorts to low-cost hotels. The Windflower Resorts & Spa, Wayanad Silver Woods, and Vythiri Resort are a few of the well-liked choices.


Food: For foodies, Wayanad has a wide selection of regional specialties that are a must-try. Meen Vazhakkai Varuval (banana chips), Malabar Parotta, Puttu and Kadala Curry, and Thalassery biriyani are a few of the delicacies that are well-liked. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants serving Continental, Chinese, and North Indian food.


Tips for the journey by road:


For the trip, be sure to pack adequate water and snacks.

Before leaving, check the weather prediction and pack the right attire.

To navigate the route, it is advised to have a map or GPS device with you.

To avoid being tired along the road, be sure to stop and rest.

Keep all relevant paperwork, including your driver’s licence, insurance, and car papers, close to hand.

Avoid driving after dark since conditions may be hazardous.


In conclusion

a road journey from Bangalore to Wayanad is an excellent way to discover the area’s stunning natural scenery and vibrant culture. Wayanad offers a variety of activities for all types of travellers with its gorgeous waterfalls, ancient caverns, and wildlife sanctuaries. Make the most of your trip by visiting the main tourist attractions and trying the local cuisine by planning your trip well in advance.

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