A Little Home Maintenance Helps Prevent Future Damage From Storms

prevent future damage from storms
A clogged rain gutter pulled away from the house during a storm. Keeping gutters clean can prevent future damage from storms.

This time of year, the weather in North Texas can be pretty unpredictable. When there is Big Texas Weather, you need your home to be performing at its best.

Here are a few ways you can maintain your home to prevent future damage from storms.

Trim Trees

prevent future damage from storms
Trees cause a lot of storm damage, and maintaining them can help mitigate problems.

One of the biggest causes of storm damage is from downed tree branches, branches banging against property in the wind, or whole trees falling onto your property.

Make sure your trees are trimmed at least five to six feet from your roof and the sides of your home to prevent damage, and have the trees on your property trimmed regularly by a professional tree trimmer.

Trees that are trimmed are much less likely to fall during a storm because the strong winds are able to blow through them rather than batter against them. (They’re also healthier and more able to grow strong, last longer, and less vulnerable to disease.)

Clean Rain Gutters

prevent future damage from storms

Leaves and other debris collect in rain gutters and will eventually clog them if they’re not maintained. Clogged gutters result in pools of water that can pull the gutter free of the house or create flooding near the foundation during a storm.

Unclog Downspouts

prevent future damage from storms

Many people will clean out the gutters along the roof and forget about the downspout.

The gutter collects the water and the down spout carries it away from your home. If the downspout is clogged, the water will eventually fill the gutter and spill over the side, again creating floods of water near your home where it can potentially penetrate the walls or cause damage to your yard and foundation.

Check For Leaks

The best time to check for roof leaks is while it’s raining. Go in your attic and check for any water coming in or signs of pooling water just after a storm. What you may not see from inside the house could be wreaking havoc inside the walls. If you find the leak now, you could prevent future damage from storms causing major flooding or a cave-in later.

With all the recent rain and storms, we hope this advice isn’t coming too late for many of you, but storm season isn’t over and with sun in the forecast for the next few days, what better time to knock out some home maintenance? If you have questions about preparing your home for storms or other home maintenance issues, you can ask a professional with a seasonal home maintenance home inspection any time.


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