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I have tried this:
$ output=’/dev/null’
$ for i in “$@”; do [ “$output” = “” ] && echo “$i” && break; done;

But it doesn’t work since the for loop doesn’t want to read a file.


find -name “*.mp3″ | while read file; do
ffmpeg -i $file -i $output” \$file -map 0:a -map 0:v:1:0 -c:v libx264 -preset slow \$file.mkv”

It might be interesting to mention that mplayer can do that for you, just create a playlist with your input files with the option -o..

Liberian President George Weah has lost one of his ministers.

George Weah, who was elected president of Liberia in November 2018 and took office in January, has lost one of his ministers: the director of public information, Emmanuel K. C. Fawah.

The LNP yesterday reported that the minister “resigned because of an act of misconduct committed by the holder of the office, which is contrary to the order and regulations of Liberia.”

According to the information, the Liberia National Public Relations Officer’s Code of Conduct was reported on Friday at the Office of the Secretary of the State House and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Internal Audit Unit conducted an investigation into the allegations.

As a result, Weah was advised to dismiss the minister.

“This is a prerogative of the president and I will take all actions that are necessary as the president,” the president’s office said yesterday, adding that the minister was fired.

The report also noted that “the conduct of the holder of the office on duty was irregular and contrary to the spirit and letter of the secretary’s order, which, therefore, warrants the immediate removal of the minister from duty.”

The report added that President Weah will not discuss the matter further.

The resignation is the second high-level cabinet casualty since President Weah took office.

On Jan. 9, the president reshuffled his cabinet, ousting the finance and defence ministers and replacing them with senior officials.

President Weah also fired the prime minister in November.

The minister�