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I recommend the Photoshop Elements tutorials that are available on YouTube (

Photoshop uses RGB (red, green, blue) color, which gives 8-bit-per-pixel images 256 levels of color, rather than the 12-bit-per-pixel, or 24-bit-per-pixel, images available in GIMP or other programs. When you save a file, Photoshop always saves the file as 8-bit-per-pixel, which can look a bit flat and can be a bit grainy.

The various Photoshop window states, such as the Layer display mode, give you a view of all layers and their settings, much as they would appear on a printed page. Your settings are organized in toolbars along the top. You can also find these same controls in the _Window Menu_.

Photoshop is often used in the context of a photo print shop to produce printed images of photo prints. (Photo shops are businesses that print photographs for customers.) If you have a Photo Shop program, you can use it to create pixel-level image adjustments in order to print on a variety of paper sizes and finishes. A print shop uses filters, such as Grain, overprints, and other image adjustments to create dramatic, rich, and textured effects on high-quality prints. Figure 6-1 shows an example of such a finished photo print.

Photoshop includes both professional-level version for photo editing and Elements, an image-editing program that is much easier to use. The interface is designed specifically for beginners. Elements also uses 8-bit-per-pixel files. This means that your files can look a bit flat.

Photoshop is a powerful program, but learning it can take a little time. You can, however, download free tutorials and sample files of different types at Also, if you are able to buy a copy of Photoshop, the tutorials provided with that edition can be a great help.

Figure 6-1: Photo Print Shop is a popular tool for advanced image-editing demands.

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Learn the basics of Photoshop Elements with this guide.

1. Compare Elements vs Photoshop

What Photoshop Elements is like to use

Adobe Photoshop Elements has many options and tools that the professional version doesn’t have, for example, you will have only 5 toolbars available rather than 19 toolbars available in Photoshop. But most of those buttons are very similar in Photoshop elements and Photoshop.

How to use Photoshop Elements

You can use Photoshop Elements with the 2 things:


You can create images just like you can in Photoshop, but at the end of the chapter, you’ll see how to resize your images.


You can use the tools from the toolbox to edit your images. You will also see how to crop images and use the eraser tool.

The most basic options are available. For example, you can only resize your images up to 1000px.

To zoom in or out, click the plus or minus (100%) sign in the corner of the image.

You can also use Photoshop’s zoom function or scroll on the scrollbar below the image.

Click and drag to move the image.

Click the “Move” option on the top toolbar to move the image on the canvas.

Drag and move the image to its final destination.

You can also move the image to another canvas.

You can move the image out of the canvas by clicking “Crop” on the top toolbar or by clicking right or left on the mouse.

You can use the different tools of the toolbox.


You can not only use tools but also buttons. Photoshop elements also has some tool you won’t find in Photoshop.




File > Open

This button will open a specific file. You can add more files by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.

This button will open a specific file. You can add more files by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N. Zoom In

With this button, you can zoom in on the image.

With this button, you can zoom in on the image. Zoom Out

With this button, you can zoom out on the image.

With this button, you can zoom out on the image. Crop

With this button, you can crop the image from the center out

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I tried hardcoding width and height of the Background Image in the ControlTemplate in a Border to see if it

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2021?


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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021:

*Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
*2.0 GHz Processor or faster
*128 MB RAM or more
*20 MB free disk space
*Sound card
*Web Browser
*Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 4/7/8/9/100 series with DirectX 9.0c compatible
*2 GB video RAM
*Internet connection
*Mouse and Keyboard
Installing the TDE Addon requires having installed both XDMCC and TDE 2.0.