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In the past, Photoshop was a Photoshop Gimp plugin. That is no longer the case, so you can safely download the CS version from the GIMP site or install it in the Windows folder. You can make Photoshop work with Gimp by placing a file ending with the Gimp extension in the Photoshop folder.

Editing with Photoshop

The primary focus of Photoshop is manipulation of raster images. You choose colors, brightness, contrast, and other areas of your image that you want to change. You can enhance your images by using a range of tools and techniques, such as perspective, shadows, and level adjustments. The following sections explore some of Photoshop’s features. For more in-depth information on working with Photoshop, visit the Photoshop website for a complete tutorial.

Saving and editing images

You can use the Save dialog box to save your image as a file with a specific name, location, and extension. You can also use the Undo command to reverse changes and change a file back to its original condition. You can open existing images, which you can save as a JPEG, JPEG 2000, or TIFF file format, with the Open dialog box. Open dialog boxes make it easy to use three file types (see Figure 9-1). The File Type drop-down menu allows you to choose from a variety of image file types. Windows version support ends here.

**Figure 9-1:** Open image files, which include JPEG, JPEG 2000, and TIFF.

Photoshop has two modes for editing images: Working with a copy and editing your actual photo file.

Working with a copy

When you use Photoshop, you work with a copy of your image. Photoshop opens your image in a new, empty file to create a new copy. You can save the new file as a new file, but by default, you save it as a JPEG, JPEG 2000, or TIFF file format. The Save As dialog box enables you to choose an existing file to use as the template for your image. You can then change the new file in any way you want — save it as a new file, save a copy of it, or save it as an altered image. You can also change the name of the file or the size and quality settings.

The two other buttons in the top left corner (just below the File Type button) are AutoSave and Crop. AutoSave automatically saves the image after you save a new copy. Crop

Adobe Photoshop 2022

Sometimes the Photoshop Elements version isn’t very useful, but sometimes it is. Here are some of the ways Photoshop Elements can help you create, edit, or tweak your digital images or designs.

1. Personalize emojis with graphic design tools

Creating your own emojis is an easy way to dress up text and appear more friendly. Photoshop Elements makes emojis with a simple, easy-to-use interface. You don’t need to be a designer to create emoji-style graphics in Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Elements has the tools you need to personalize emojis. You can use a stylized font, a customized graphic, or both. You can create a new font or use a font that already comes with Elements. You can create a new graphic and import an existing logo or photo. You can even use your own photos to create emojis.

Photoshop Elements also lets you create custom faces for your emoji. You can use a pre-designed face or, for a more personalized look, you can customize the face and apply additional effects.

2. Create typographic posters

Create impressive typographic posters that catch attention and tell your story in an easy and creative way. For example, add simple, clean text to an image with Photoshop Elements’ text and vector effects.

Make posters with the text tools and effects in Photoshop Elements, such as the text wrap and wrap with effects, or on its own. You can also use the typography tools in Photoshop Elements to create posters with a unique look. To do this, you can use text and backgrounds and apply effects that make them pop off the page.

3. Create colorful, collage images

A collage is a multi-layered image that includes many objects and/or photos. Photoshop Elements lets you add layers of different colors and more. You can make colorful, graphic collages with effects such as style, motion blur, or linear blur. You can add text in different colors and patterns to a colorful collage.

4. Create logos

Adding a new logo to your design work can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what tools to use to get an attractive look. Photoshop Elements can help, letting you create beautifully professional logos. You can use the tools in Photoshop Elements to create logos that work great with your designs.

5. Create Web graphics

Make your web graphics and website design projects shine

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