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Arrows is a great addon for Visual Studio that performs a lot more tasks than just an arrow.


You can install the Visual Studio Code Editor on the Microsoft Windows OS. It has an XML editing mode. You can import the entire Visual Studio Code installation into the Visual Studio Code Editor at first. You will lose some key signatures.

Download the XML Editor For Visual Studio Code (NonVisualStudio.Editor.xml) file from the below URL.

Now, you can install any other application to the Visual Studio Code Editor. You can install other applications to Visual Studio Code Editor as per your requirements.

The present invention relates to a novel electrolytic conductor. More particularly, it is concerned with a novel electrolytic conductor which contains a Cu—Pb alloy and which is excellent in the long term reliability, the corrosion resistance and the workability.
As electrolytic copper wires, generally, those which contain pure copper as the metal component, are used. Among them, an electrolytic copper wire formed by so-called salt bath method containing a toxic metal, such as Pb, is mainly used for manufacturing wiring materials for electric automobiles and the like. Generally, in a salt bath method, an electrolytic solution is obtained by dissolving a salt of Cu and Pb into water, and then the electrolytic solution is used to electrolyze a copper deposit, on which the electrolyte, a mixture of Cu and Pb, is precipitated, and convert copper into electric conductivity.
However, in electrolytic process for manufacturing this electrolytic copper wire, the Pb-contained alloy, which is easily dissolving in the electrolytic solution, tends to be precipitated in the copper deposit as of the Cu—Pb alloy, and it causes inclusion of the precipitates into the copper wires, which may impair the long term reliability.
Accordingly, as a measure for solving the problem, the Cu—Pb alloy and a copper alloy without containing Pb have been developed. However, these have not been yet completely satisfactory. On the other hand, for the purpose of improving the corrosion resistance, JIS-ADE-0501 specified that the Cu—Pb alloy having a balance between the corrosion resistance and the workability is a preferred electrolytic conductor. However, any method for realizing this Cu—