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Getting Started

Here’s an overview of how you would load a Photoshop document or open an image from a scanner.

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[…]If you are looking for alternative to Photoshop for web design, graphic design, photo editing or image editing in general you may use Photoshop Elements. If you want to make social media graphics or memes with the best tools, you should use Photoshop Elements.

In this post, we will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to take a photo, how to edit your photos with the tools and how to convert your photos to a GIF or other formats like JPEG.

When you open Photoshop Elements, you are prompted to create a new document.

We will not use the default document. We will create a new one using the File→New→Creating a New Document and give a name.

After choosing the new document as the one to use, the document will be opened in the left side.

You can double-click the image to open it.

And this is what the image looks like:

We have only selected one portion of the image to show you, but if you want to view the entire image, go to View→Original Size.

You can see that there are different tools in the toolbar to edit the image. Let’s discuss all the tools in the Photoshop Elements program.

We will discuss each tool below. Let us start.

Rotate Tool

The Rotate tool is used to rotate an image, text, object or any other shape around the center of the shape.

To use the Rotate tool

Select the shape you want to rotate by clicking it and use the Rotate tool.

The shape will rotate around the center.

If you want to make the shape rotate in another direction, double-click the tool to enter the rotate mode or click the rotating arrows in the tool to alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

You can rotate an object one or more times and also have the object rotate in one direction or another.

Delete Tool

Delete tool is used to delete a selected object or shape. To use the Delete tool, select the object or shape and click the Delete button or press the Delete key on the keyboard.

You can do the following actions with the Delete tool

• Delete a selected object.

• Delete the selected shape and all the selected shapes with it.

• Delete the selected shape.

• Delete all the selected objects and shapes.

• Delete a selected object with its contents.

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Brush Speed

The Brush Speed setting controls how fast the brush or pen strokes the selected area of the image. A brushstroke is how the brush or pen will extend from your cursor.
The lower the brush speed setting, the more forcefully the brushstroke travels. To set the speed:

Select Edit>Preferences.
Select the “Art” category.
Click the “Brush” tab and the Brush Speed box.
Set the desired brush speed in the Brush Speed box.

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The Brush Size option is for setting the width of the brush.
The Brush Size box includes the following options:
None: Will not change the size of the brush.
Size: Changes the width of the brush.
Size:Larger: Makes the brush wider.
Size:Larger: Makes the brush wider.

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Brush Shape Controls

The Brush Shape options is for setting the shape of the brush.
In the Brush Shape section, you can set the following brush settings:
Shape: None: The brush stroke will be a simple line. The only options for this setting are Sharp and Smooth. Sharp is for a crisp, pointed brushstroke. Smooth is for a softer, more spread brushstroke.
Cap: Square Cap: The brush stroke will be rounded in the center and square at the ends.
Rounded Cap: The brush stroke will be rounded at the center but squared at the ends.
Round Cap: A brush stroke will be rounded at the center and squared at the ends.
Round Cap: A brush stroke will be rounded at the center and squared at the ends.
Any Shape: The brush stroke will extend in any direction.
Ans: Arm Length: A brush stroke will be either a long or short “arm”. This arm is the straight distance from the click in the box to the tip of the brush. The longer the arm, the more force and extension in the stroke.
Wrist: The wrist of the “arm” brush defines how long the arm will extend in that direction. A longer wrist makes the brush longer. A shorter wrist makes the brush shorter.
Shoulder: The shoulder of the arm defines how far the arm will extend in that direction. A longer shoulder makes the brush longer. A shorter shoulder makes the brush shorter.
Handle: The handle of the arm defines how wide the arm will be. A

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