Attending a wedding is always a great occasion, but the excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm are unmatched and unmatched when it is your closest friend’s wedding. Today is a day of emotions, laughter, and joyful tears. You want to look your best while celebrating with your closest buddy and taking pleasure in their excitement. So, if you’re trying to decide what to wear to your best friend’s wedding, here are some outfit ideas and styling advice to help you look amazing:


Sarees are an ageless classic that are perfect for any Indian wedding. There are several new saree designs and trends that are popular for weddings. It’s important to choose one that matches your body shape and skin tone because they come in a variety of fabrics, designs, and colours. If you are petite, avoid voluminous embroidery and decorations and go for a modern wedding saree style with a narrow border. Taller women would look stunning in a saree with a large border and intricate embroidery. Pre-stitched sarees are the perfect choice if you do not feel comfortable wearing a conventional saree drape since they are easier to put on and more convenient.

  • Sarees go great with the right jewellery. Gold and silver jewellery online are timeless options that blend well with most sarees. For a more contemporary look, try wearing statement jewellery or pieces with brilliant stones.
  • Your saree might look gorgeous with a potli bag or clutch. To match the design on the saree, use bags with ornate embroidery or decorations.
  • If you’re wearing a traditional saree, you could want to try juttis or sandals. Wearing heels or wedges will give you a more contemporary look.
  • Additionally, when wearing a saree, your hairstyle should be considered. For a more conventional appearance, you can wear your hair in a bun or a braid.

When wearing a saree to a wedding, the final element to consider is your cosmetics. Use makeup to enhance the colour and design of your saree. Smoky eyes, bright lip colours, and winged eyeliner may all provide a glamorous touch to your entire image.


Shararas are a popular choice for wedding events because to their ideal comfort and current design, and you may appear sophisticated by pairing them with your best friend’s wedding attire. When paired with a long top and a dupatta, these flowing trousers will give you a chic and fashionable look. Shararas for wedding parties come in a variety of styles, including embroidered, printed, and decorated varieties.

If you want a cosier option, pick a sharara made of cotton or linen. The colour of the sharara should complement the bride’s or groom’s outfit as well as the general colour scheme of the wedding. The most popular colours for shararas during weddings are red, gold, pink, and pastel shades.

The choice of cloth for the sharara at a wedding should also take the season into account. For example, summer weddings are better suited for lighter fabrics like chiffon and georgette, while winter weddings are ideal for heavier fabrics like silk and brocade. Additional decorations like embroidery, sequins, and zari work may enhance the wedding sharara. The sharara’s fashion should also be taken into account.

A variety of sharara designs, including as the conventional flared shape, the straight-cut variation, and the slit-type sharara, are available for wedding parties. Your choice of style should be determined by your particular tastes and body type.

When selecting accessories for your sharara outfit, go for a long necklace or a set of striking earrings. You might also add jhumkas, bangles, maang tikka, or a passa for a more traditional look. You may complete the look with heels and a glitzy handbag.


Indians frequently wear lehengas at weddings. They are a classic attire that exudes elegance, charm, and grace, and are a favourite among women of all ages. If you are looking for the appropriate outfit for your best friend’s wedding, a lehenga is a terrific choice to think about.

At weddings, women wear long, flowing skirts called lehengas with tops and dupattas. It is the best alternative for a major occasion like a wedding because it is typically lavishly embellished with lovely embroidery, sequins, and other highlights. From a vast array of patterns, colours, and fabrics, you may choose a lehenga for the wedding party that suits your preferences and personal style.

Depending on the subject, colour scheme, and time of day of the wedding, lehengas are worn in a variety of ways. If a wedding is taking place during the day, you may want to choose brighter, lighter colours like pastels; however, if it is taking place at night, you may want to choose richer, darker colours.

A bridal party’s lehengas are frequently made of pricey, rich fabrics like silk, velvet, and chiffon. These fabrics’ sophisticated and elegant accent makes the look perfect for a special occasion. You may choose from a number of designs and patterns, including flower prints, geometric patterns, and traditional Indian themes.

You can consider employing a few accessories to highlight the beauty of the lehenga costume you’ll be wearing to your best friend’s wedding. These include jewellery like necklaces, earrings, and bangles; hair accessories like flowers or hairpins; a pair of at-ease high heels or wedges; a compact purse or pocketbook; and a maang tikka. It’s important to choose accessories that complement the lehenga rather than overpower it. On your friend’s special day, you may highlight the elegance of the lehenga by adding the proper accessories.

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