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#include “SampleVehicle.h”
#include “SampleVehicleStrategy.h”
#include “SampleVehicleCollisionHandler.h”

static const double s_vehicleMass = 1.0;
static const double s_vehicleDrag = 0.5;
static const double s_vehicleDragCoefficient = 0.01;

SampleVehicle::SampleVehicle(SampleVehicleStrategy* strategy) :

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When he started writing, Rivers was a brand new singer who came from a little town in south America called Barranquilla. He was sixteen when he began to write his first song in English, called “Touch Me”. He was influenced by American kids, reggae, and reggae too.

In 1986, he created his first real solo work, “Touch Me Again” which he wrote on his guitar. Later he created another solo work called “Love Only” in 1987 in Colombia. From 1991 to 1993, Rivers hosted a disco night in Barranquilla called “Decadent”.

1992, Rivers began his first American album, called No Time 2 Lose. He went on tour and invited several Colombian musicians who were in the American continent, such as Farruko and Choc Quib Town. Later he created the song “Funky Man”, and became quite famous in America.

He recorded his second album by the name “One Love”. For this album, he created a mixtape in order to promote it. The song he made in this mixtape, “Electricity”, is still popular today.

Rivers created his third album in 1995 by the name “All That I Am”, which included songs that will be included in his album “Family Style”. He recorded a song named “It’s Alright”, which became one of his most popular songs.

Then, he created another album in 2004 by the name “Blood” and “Love And Respect”. Later, he recorded a 5 songs album called “The Movement” in 2007 in his hometown Barranquilla.

In 2010 he created a new release, called “Something You Need”. He won for his song “Movin’ On” a Grammy Award.

In December 2016, he released his new album “Brawsome”, with five songs. This was the first time he came to the United States since releasing his last album. For this album, he created some remixes of his previous songs.

In 2018, he released his new album “Raw” (album), with 14 new songs. This album has sold more than 815,

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