Agricultural Extension Multiple Choice Question

Overview: Agricultural Extension is one of the youngest and most dynamic branches of Agriculture, with promising opportunities for career development in a wide .
Agricultural Extension Multiple Choice Questions. What is agricultural extension? What are the activities in this field? Agricultural Extension is the act of… .
ICAR NET Agriculture Extension Exam 2021 Free questions and answers with detailed solutions.

QUESTION 1. Select the correct option. Mark the corresponding letter below.

1) A
2) B
3) C
4) D
F) All the options are incorrect.
QUESTION 2. Which of the following statement are correct about animal health?

1) Veterinarians only deal with equine animal health.
2) If a dog bites a person, veterinary examination is not necessary.
3) Veterinarians take care of sick animals and people.
4) Vet examination is required if an animal bites or scratches a person.
F) All the options are incorrect.
QUESTION 3. The Department of Agriculture, Government of India, took over the functions of the  .
1) Department of Animal Science
2) Department of Plant Science
3) Department of Plant Pathology
4) Department of Statistics
F) All the options are incorrect.
QUESTION 4. Animal housing is related to  .
1) Clipping the ears of a pig
2) Spraying a pig shed
3) Drinking water to a pig
4) Giving colostrums
F) All the options are incorrect.
QUESTION 5. A country animal health survey is required to assess the internal  .
1) Diseases of equines
2) Diseases of cattle
3) Diseases of sheep
4) Diseases of poultry
F) All the options are incorrect.
QUESTION 6. The World Animal Health Organization (OIE) is a specialized agency of the  .
1) United Nations
2) International Organization for Animal Health
3) European Union
4) American Veterinary Medical Association
F) All the options are incorrect.
QUESTION 7. Select the correct answer to the following question:
1) Explain the main objectives of the Indian Institute of Animal Science and Veterinary Science.
2) What is the main institution of extension training in India?
3) Which of the following statements is/are correct about agricultural extension in India?
4) Which of the following statements is/are incorrect about agricultural

Cattle management/agricultural extension –
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