Ajatix Image/Banner Rotator is a Microsoft Expression Web add-in meant to provide users with the possibility to create CSS / JavaScript banner rotators and to implement them into their web pages effortlessly.
The tool does not require for users to possess JavaScript or CSS skills, because Ajatix Image/Banner Rotator can automatically generate CSS and JavaScript code, as well as HTML markup. Thus, users can create impressive banners without writing a single line of code.
The add-in includes support for transitions with cross-fade and scroll effects and allows users to set their desired movement speed. Additional customizations are also available, as the program enables users to apply their styles to the created banner, or to choose one of the pre-loaded themes.
Navigation controls are also available on the created banners, allowing users to jump to a particular image with a mouse click. Moreover, the animation ca be set to come to a stop at mouse hover, thus allowing users to study the current slide.
Ajatix Image/Banner Rotator can display text information about the banner and places these details on pages directly, in plain HTML, thus making content available for search engines.
The add-in comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows developers to take full advantage of its capabilities with only a few mouse clicks. It is lightweight, does not require additional frameworks to function, and also allows developers to preview their projects before integrating them into a web page.







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