Antman 2015 720p BDRip Org DD 51 Hindi Audio Invincible High Quality


Antman 2015 720p BDRip Org DD 51 Hindi Audio Invincible

I want to convert that avi video to that format that supports hd 720 or 1080 resolution and also I want a video converter which can convert avi to mp4 hd video.
Thanks in advance.


Use HandBrake for high quality transcoding. Handbrake will transcode your video to a number of popular formats. To use Handbrake’s transcoding feature, you will first need to download HandBrake from Handbrake website, extract the executable file to a directory and run it on your command line.
Step 1: Download HandBrake
There are two ways to download HandBrake:

Download the HandBrake Windows executable directly from HandBrake website
Download the HandBrake Pre-build library on your computer and install it with
sudo dpkg -i HandBrake_build_linux-64bit.deb

Download HandBrake version:

HandBrake 2018.1.1
HandBrake 2019.2.0
HandBrake 2019.3.0

Build which dependencies you want to install:

HandBrake 2019.3.0

Step 2: Install HandBrake
Using the above method you will install all the dependencies. You will need them when you want to compile and build the code from scratch later.
I’ll show you how to install all dependencies using Anaconda:
conda install -c anaconda handbrake

Step 3: Download File
Now download the HandBrake you want to use. For example, let’s use 2018.1.1:
cd ~
tar -xzvf handbrake-2018.1.1.tar.gz

Step 4: Build
You will need to build the code. This should be done for all HandBrake versions.
cd ~/handbrake-2018.1.1

The configure script uses a bunch of options that may need to be modified. You need to find the correct options for your system.
Finally you need to build the program:


Step 5: Run
You need to run the resulting executable:

When the program is finished you can run it like this:


I have written a code to achieve this
You can use my code by just add
The code like this
import cStringIO as StringIO
# here should be your file with csv format
your_csv_file = StringIO.StringIO(your_csv_file_path)
# here your data read from the file and use head to cut the first row which is the header
reader = csv.reader(your_csv_file)
#here is used the column length to the number of columns and the new headers
headers = list([1:-1]
header_cnt = len(headers)
# here all the data is converted to list
d = {}
for row in reader:
for i in range(header_cnt):
index = headers[i]
# here inserting the column
d[index] = row[i]
# here all the data will be put in dict
# finally you can convert the data in dict to csv format
d = dict(d)
writer = csv.DictWriter(your_csv_file, fieldnames = headers)
except Exception as e:

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