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In the world of art there are different materials such as clay, steel, metal, wood, wood, plastic, mdf, aKrystal, glass, and so on. All of these materials have their own power. However, materials have different uses and for various purposes. It seems that some materials are better than other and are used more often in art.

Clay is a soft and poor quality material for making any art art. However, clay is very good in making toys.

Krystal is a material which can be broken by blows and cleavage. This material can be used to make very beautiful and beautiful objects.

Steel is the strongest material used in art. Although it is not very used in art, some artists did a lot of experiments with steel.

In all art, one of the most important materials is plastic. However, most people do not realize that plastic is not good for art art.

Mdf is a material which is used to make frames.


Aug 25, 2014

I would only suggest to buy some clay, sand etc. and make a mass of small sized sculptures and then try to put it on your website. I think every artist should experiment with different materials to find which ones work for him.


Aug 23, 2014

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