Atrise Everyfind Lite is a great tool for anyone interested in creating customized simple, but effective search engines. Users who own personal websites will find it very valuable, as it allows one not only to search URL addresses (stored locally as HTMLs), but also local content in various formats, such as audio files and text documents.
No programming knowledge is needed to generate working search engines
The application comes with powerful searching and filtering algorithms that include wildcard and keywords searches or categories filtering. There is no need for any programming knowledge, as the software is highly intuitive and users need only specify the search engine entries with the corresponding keywords.
Once started, the software requires, in essence, two parameters to be defined: the content to be indexed by the database and the actual keywords, which link documents to the query. One of the strong points of this tool is the ability to import entire folders as valid database items. This can be highly important when, for example, indexing an audio library!
A special import function allows users to load multiple files, complete with keywords extracted from their internal structure
More-so, when loading entire folders, the resource automatically processes the internal structure of documents and identifies possible keywords. Other items can be indexed as well, such as HTMLs, or plain text files. Users are free to manually define their own items, with customized keywords.
When the engine is complete, users have the option of previewing it in an actual browser. This is a great method of testing the project, before incorporating it in an actual website. The final search engine also displays the entries categories, which is a great method of ensuring content is found.
The application provides a very convenient simple search engine that can index HTMLs and text or audio documents
All things considered, Atrise Everyfind Lite is an easy to use and practical program that can generate search engines for use in various projects, including personal websites.







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Atrise Everyfind Lite Activation Code is a powerful keyword extraction and search application that allows you to search any content anywhere on the Internet, thus creating a search engine with special filters and intelligent search modes for specified data.
Atrise Everyfind Lite feature list:
Keyword extraction from any content type: text, audio, pdf, pictures, etc. Installing and running the software is as easy as “1-2-3”. Atrise Everyfind Lite has no installation or run time requirements.
Build, modify, index, manage, share and export your web search engine results with ease.
Quickly build and manage your own search engine with the one-click action builder and search engine builder tools in the toolbox.
Search any content anywhere on the Web.
Get the most comprehensive, accurate and most concise search engine results.
Supports all popular search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Amazon, YouTube, Baidu, Yandex, Wikipedia.
Regular expressions engine for parsing and extracting keywords from text and HTML.
HTMLs parsing for extracting keywords from HTML pages.
Text parsing for extracting keywords from plain text files.
Search in any content type: images, videos, sound files, PDF, etc.
Importing files from any content type: text, audio, PDF, etc.
Atrise Everyfind Lite Review:
Atrise Everyfind Lite is a very interesting tool, however, it has a few requirements before users can proceed. First, users must install a few tiny apps and extract certain info from those apps. Second, the software requires users to export some additional info for one particular app, which is another question in itself. It’s very simple and simple to install. It’s very easy to use, as long as users understand the instructions.
Atrise Everyfind Lite Pros:
Atrise Everyfind Lite is a very easy and simple application to use. The software is very easy to understand and use. Users can specify the content they wish to be indexed in a few simple ways.
The software is very easy to use, even for beginners. There are no complicated processes involved.
The software comes with some very powerful additional features. For example, it has the ability to index multiple folders at once, thus generating search engines for those folders.
Atrise Everyfind Lite Cons:
You must be aware that this is a beta version. The instructions are a bit confusing, and

Atrise Everyfind Lite [32|64bit]

What’s New In?

With Atrise Everyfind Lite you can create your own web search engines extremely easily. It’s free!
Simple and intuitive user interface. No programming or knowledge of HTML is needed. The program handles all the hard and boring work! Add up to 200 Search Expressions without any extra programming code! (with unlimited number of keywords).
For each search expression the program generates a unique output. HTMLs and text or audio documents can be searched.
The program supports wildcard and keywords searches or categories filtering.
The search engine will generate a list of search results. The user can easily preview the results in an actual web browser.
Atrise Everyfind Lite is a powerful program that can save you thousands of dollars in expensive programmers or have a professional web developer spend hours on your project, while you just sit back and relax, eating your ice cream.
Atrise Everyfind Lite Features:
* Add unlimited number of Search Expressions
* Easy to use User Interface
* Free – No Waiting Necessary
* No programming or HTML knowledge is needed
* Import multiple files that contain keywords
* Support Word Press, Press It and Wix websites
* Support multiple websites in one index
* Import multiple websites
* Create a search engine for multiple websites
* Export search engine in XML format
* Unlimited web pages can be added
* Unlimited keywords can be added
* Easily search local HTML and text or audio files
* Preview search result in an actual web browser
Atrise Everyfind Lite Download:
You don’t need a program to get started with Atrise Everyfind Lite. Our free download includes the latest version of the software.
*NOTE: When downloading our free trial program, you will need a valid email address to complete the registration. Once you are registered, you can download our free version anytime.

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Udiscuss Software

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System Requirements For Atrise Everyfind Lite:

Mac OS 10.9 or later
Internet Explorer 10 or later
Chrome, Firefox or Safari 9 or later
SoundTap requires Java 7 Update 7 or later
Android 4.2 or later
SoundTap requires Android 4.2 or later.
WebGL accelerated browser is required.
SoundTap is a browser plug-in that allows you to play any music (Internet Radio, MP3, AAC, etc.) or a streaming audio via web browser without the need of additional software.