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AutoCAD PC/Windows Latest

In 1987, AutoCAD Product Key became available as a server application (running on minicomputers), enabling a shared workstation approach to CAD, an important paradigm shift in CAD which would eventually spread to other CAD applications such as Mechanical Desktop, Revit, Inventor, and Solidworks.

In 2013, AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack 2013 was released as the successor to AutoCAD Crack LT and AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version 2010.

In December 2016, AutoCAD Crack Keygen LT was replaced by AutoCAD Classic which has a similar feature set to AutoCAD LT. The Classic feature set (including graphic drawing functions) is also available in the newer AutoCAD 2020 and AutoCAD LT 2020.

In February 2020, AutoCAD will be renamed from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Typekit.

Table of contents

A short list of features of AutoCAD can be found at List of features of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD history spans 30 years of technology advances since 1982. The Autodesk acquisition in 1999 removed the need to own a computer with AutoCAD.



AutoCAD was first released in 1982 as a desktop CAD application. It was the first commercially available CAD application to run on a desktop computer. The company’s first experience with the new technology included the development of a new application development system called the “Document-Oriented Programming System” (DOCOPS), which allowed them to add features and functions in increments over time and without the need for new programming languages.

Prior to this application, CAD was typically done in a pre-established language, often FORTRAN, or by hand with rulers, string, and X and Y coordinate data. In 1982, Autodesk developed DOCOPS, a system that allowed the application to be expanded incrementally rather than through a redesign of the code. This was a revolutionary concept for a time when code rewrites were a common occurrence.

In a historical case, the original 1982 AutoCAD version ran on a VAX/VMS computer system (that was not released until 1984). The first release to run on a PC was AutoCAD for MS-DOS. The Windows version followed in 1987. The shareware version started in 1982 with 10 or 15 users. In 1982, the program could only draw 2-dimensional (2D) plans.


The first release in 1983 was a major upgrade and was referred

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In September 2005, Autodesk released a new XML API, now known as “Axon”, to provide a standard model for embedding XML content in native applications.

Subsequent to the release of.NET, the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) application programming language became available, adding a visual programming language to the application. However, the.NET classes cannot be used in a traditional VBA project.

Autodesk’s.NET object-oriented development technology can be integrated with the ObjectARX library, which also allows application developers to integrate object-oriented programming into their applications.

Visual LISP
As of Version 2012, Autodesk released Visual LISP, which is a high-level programming language, which can be compiled into code for AutoCAD (and most of the other Autodesk products).

Visual LISP supports two main coding languages: Autodesk’s own Visual LISP, and VLISP.

AutoLISP is an implementation of LISP as a programming language for the Autodesk products.

AutoLISP, released in 1993, allows developers to write code that can be distributed in the form of stand-alone packages that are compiled for use with AutoCAD. AutoLISP has supported and enhanced the capabilities of AutoCAD since its release, with each release incorporating new features.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP is a multi-threaded, type safe, object oriented programming language that runs on OS X, Linux and Windows. Visual LISP programs are stand-alone applications that can be run from any platform. They are compiled to byte code on the target system, and do not require an AutoCAD instance for execution. Visual LISP is included with Visual Studio and the Visual LISP compiler tool can compile code to either Visual LISP or the native platform. Visual LISP is object oriented, and uses a mix of classes and functions as its programming model. Visual LISP is strongly object oriented with prototypal inheritance. Visual LISP follows the LISP philosophy of simple syntax and powerful semantics. Visual LISP is actively maintained with recent releases of Visual Studio, and is supported by Autodesk through regular maintenance releases.

The development process of the original Visual LISP editor was documented in a series of articles on the Autodesk

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

See Markup Assist in action.

Atlas Grid:

Atlas grids can now be created and imported directly from Google maps. (video: 0:38 min.)

Atlas grids can now be created and imported directly from Google maps. (video: 0:38 min.)

The ability to send your co-worker a vector graphic and ask them to draw their own version. (video: 0:27 min.)

Full Screen view in Clipping paths.

New reports:

Delete History & Favorites (video: 0:39 min.)

Hide Duplicate Views (video: 0:28 min.)

Move Shapes to Drawing (video: 0:20 min.)

See more details at the AutoCAD 2023 release page.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (all flavors)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Phenom II X3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
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DirectX: Version 9.0
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Network: Broadband internet connection
Additional Notes:
Multi-Player mode: Allows you to play against friends on the same