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AUTOCAD’s success is largely credited to its ease of use, the large number of functions it offers, and its comprehensive feature set. It is easy to learn because of its logical modeling method, which starts with the creation of a drawing area and endpoints.

The process starts by establishing a new drawing area. In the case of a 2D drawing, one simple action does the job. The drawing area is then filled with dimensions and marks the endpoints of any lines or arcs. One can then select the object to be plotted on the drawing area, which will then draw any associated lines or arcs. The object can be a block, text, line, arc, or dimension.

Using the sizing function, the area is enlarged or reduced by a specified percentage. The area will maintain the width and height of the initial drawing area when it is scaled up or down.

AUTOCAD draws the lines or arcs from their endpoints to other points on the drawing area. In AutoCAD 2010, endpoints can be modified to intersect the lines to create or close the endpoints.

A line segment is an abstract set of two lines, or arcs, joined together at their endpoints. These lines can be straight, bevelled, offset, curved, or tangent. The same holds true for arcs. The lines and arcs can be broken into segments.

In AutoCAD, the fundamental editing commands are moving, deleting, and resizing. Moving involves moving the object to a new position or maintaining the current position. Deletion involves the removal of an object from a drawing area. Resizing involves a scaling or sizing operation to move, delete, rotate, or distort an object.

The following are the editing commands in AutoCAD.

Moving Object

Deleting an object

Resizing an object

Rotating an object

Scaling an object

Sizing an object

Copy and Paste


COPY is used to duplicate one object to another location on the drawing area. In AutoCAD, there are two ways to do this:

Either select the object, press the Copy button, then select the destination object, or simply use the keyboard shortcut c to place the object at the desired location.

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AutoCAD LT: The AutoCAD LT program is a tool to develop, edit, and view 2D and 3D drawings.

Graphical Editing
The most recently released versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD R20 and later, have an in-place graphical user interface similar to other drawing programs with a point-and-click operation system. As of AutoCAD 2020, it features an updated user interface, GIS capabilities, and cloud-based features.

Autodesk provides native tools for topology, curve fitting, tessellation, and many other types of graphic editing. Topology operations include editing curved segments and analyzing the topology of a closed curve. Curve fitting operations include analyzing the topology of a closed curve and editing the curve to follow a geometric shape. Tessellation operations include generating and editing curved tiles that are arranged on a curved surface.

Curve Fitting
The Topology menu contains four sub-menus: Analysis, Edit, Create, and Topology. The Edit menu contains the following commands: Add, Add to Tolerance, Delete, Tolerance, Stretch, Curve, Center. The following commands are under the Analysis menu: Tolerance, Split, Constrain, Fit, Simplify, Release. The Create menu contains the following commands: Bevel, Extrude, Screw, Sheet Metal, AutoCAD Warp, Snap, Trim, Indent, Project, Roll, Cut. The Topology menu contains the following commands: Trim, Indent, Union, Intersect, Subtract, Division, Extrude, Mirror, Back, Split, Blend, Sweep, Smooth.

Curve Fitting exists for the purpose of fitting a segment, line or curve to a specified geometric shape. Examples of curve fitting functions in AutoCAD include:
First, a line will be fitted to a curve: FittedCurve(AutoCAD);
Second, a line will be fitted to a line: FitCurve(AutoCAD);
Third, a point will be fitted to a curve: FitPoint(AutoCAD).

Other curve fitting functions include fitting a curved surface to a curve, concave or convex curve, or a circle. For example:

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Find out the day of the week and the hour of the day

I am trying to find out the day of the week, and the hour of the day.
For instance if it is Tuesday at 1:00 pm, then the day would be 3, the hour would be 1, and I would get 3 for the day of the week. I am using the following code.

int main ()
int day,hour;

printf(” Enter the day, hour, year: “);
scanf(“%d %d %d”, &day,&hour,&year);

if(day == 3 && hour == 1 && year == 2011)
printf(“The day is 3 at 1:00 pm on the 1st of January, 2011”);

printf(“The day is %d at %d:%d pm on the 1st of January, 2011″,day,hour,year);
return 0;

However this code doesn’t work. I get some weird numbers. For instance if I enter 3:10 I get 0:0 for the day, and 0:0 for the hour. Any help would be appreciated.


You need to check the return value of scanf to make sure that the three variables are successfully populated.


Two problems, you are checking the wrong year and you should include math.h. It should be
int main ()
int day,hour;

printf(” Enter the day, hour, year: “);
if(!(scanf(“%d %d %d”, &day,&hour,&year)))
printf(“bad input

Your if statement was wrong. You have day == 3 but what you really want to compare is day == 3 && hour == 1 && year == 2011.


How do I add a button to the toolbar in a storyboard?

I have created a view controller with a toolbar. The toolbar is created in a storyboard. I want to add a button to the toolbar. This button has to do something with the view controller and it has to appear

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Publish your CAD drawings to others. Publish project templates that save time for everyone from new users to experienced designers. (video: 4:08 min.)

Build Collaborative Teams for a Faster, More Efficient Project Life Cycle

Design smarter projects with Revit. Sync 2D to 3D and use the built-in Revit Architecture experience to model your projects.

Inherit across your teams to automatically track changes and enable concurrent design efforts.

Stay in Sync with Dynamic Design

Make your design even smarter with the new “cloud-first” design experience in AutoCAD. Combine cloud intelligence with your desktop tools, such as the Dynamic Design review experience, and deliver more information to the right people at the right time.

Introducing Dynamic Design

Rely on more powerful, responsive tools. Autodesk Reliable Workflows deliver predictability and reliability you can rely on.

See, understand, and modify models faster with the new cloud-based Dynamic Design. Designers can review 3D views, comment on your changes, and make their own changes to save time.

Integrate more easily with other apps and devices. Bring your laptop, tablet, or phone up to speed with a mobile design experience.

Learn how to design smarter with AutoCAD, from cloud, mobile, and desktop.

Learn how to design smarter with AutoCAD, from cloud, mobile, and desktop.

The new experience designed for creating, reviewing, and sharing CAD drawings

More room for teamwork.

Ability to zoom into the 3D model, and more room for teamwork.

Updated PDF Import


Enhanced motion tracking

Enhanced tracking tools.

Enhanced understanding of data and model properties with the contextual help features and easy-to-use tools.

Supported languages.

Enhanced PDF Import


Enhanced motion tracking

Enhanced tracking tools.

Enhanced understanding of data and model properties with the contextual help features and easy-to-use tools.

Supported languages.

Improved Document Modeling and PDF Import Experience

Add 3D content to a PDF. You can add a 3D building to a PDF with just a few clicks. You can import a 3D model directly to a PDF without the need for a separate model.

Add your own and other people’

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