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AutoCAD Cracked Version was originally developed for the 1980’s CAD market. The first version of AutoCAD was a desktop-based application that ran on the Apple II, and even back then, it was revolutionary. In the beginning, users could not print or export drawings, and AutoCAD was connected to the computer directly with a serial port, a device that made it useful to the Macintosh owners back in the 80s. The first version of AutoCAD was not just a CAD program; it had a very robust drawing editor, and it was revolutionary at that time. It is also important to mention that AutoCAD did not use layers, it only had three: Hidden Layers, Visible Layers, and Visible Layers Only.

Autodesk decided to upgrade the first AutoCAD release, and the result was AutoCAD 2.0. This new version introduced a lot of improvements like a new user interface, Dynamic Linking, Windows Compatibility, Color Palette, Layer Management, and History. In the next major upgrade, AutoCAD 3.0, the standard user interface was redesigned.

AutoCAD 3.1 and 3.5 (known as AutoCAD Classic) are the first versions to introduce an explicit layer system, which was almost totally different from the Hidden Layers only method.

AutoCAD 4.0 was released in 1988, and it was the first AutoCAD release that was usable as a web-based application. After this major release, all future AutoCAD versions were only available as desktop applications.

With the release of AutoCAD 5.0 in 1999, the first version to use bitmap files as the native format, many new features were added, including Project Browser, Window Management, Connection Manager, Trace Point, Drafting Tables, and Locking. In 2000, AutoCAD 5.5 was released, it was the first version of AutoCAD that had client/server support. After that, all future AutoCAD releases used client/server technology.

In 2005, AutoCAD 6.0 was released, it was the first version of AutoCAD to introduce the Dynamic Input Box technology. The New technology is the equivalent of the cursor while it’s being dragged. Instead of the cursor disappearing when the drag is released, it is replaced with the box. This dynamic feature was used for navigating in the 3D environment. Dynamic Input

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What’s New in the?

AutoCAD Changes include:

Properties/Mechanics in Materials and Multipart:

Automatically set properties to mechanics for specific parts of a design. Have an exact template for parts of your design. (video: 1:25 min.)

Geometry and Fillets/Borders:

Flatten/round corners on faces, edges, and lines to maintain continuity of faces, edges, and lines in 3D models. Add fillets to common part boundaries, or round faces and edges to reduce cutting edges in 3D models. (video: 1:17 min.)


Break a component into smaller pieces with the same support and distance to maintain continuity. Subsets can be defined at multiple levels, and then broken down into additional subsets. (video: 1:26 min.)

Motion Paths:

Add motion paths, which are linear connectors for moving models in space. (video: 1:16 min.)

Drawing and Engineering Enhancements include:

CAD and Modeling Enhancements include:

Unified Ribbon:

Easily toggle back and forth between a 2D and 3D view of a drawing at any time.

Support for the new Multi-Display feature, which helps you get more work done by using multiple displays.

Use the standard 2D/3D Docking icon to quickly transition between views of the same drawing on multiple displays.

Support for Overlay tools and the Arrange command to create and customize layered printing plates.

Use the new Ruler tool for drafting and drawing straight lines.

Performal Measuring:

Easily measure internal volumes and widths of components with the new Measuring tools.

New methods of display for object tracking in the Drafting and Engineering tools.

New parameter settings for visualizing tabular data.

New supports, guides, and snap settings for drilling and spacing.

Align to Grid:

Draw and align an object based on its relationships to a base grid, a guide, or other object. (video: 1:15 min.)

Create Properties:

Add properties and change their settings, including whether or not a property is inherited or shared.

Quickly perform a series of tasks and change properties with the new TaskManager feature.

New Color Sets:

Create colors quickly with a new palette.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Processor: Dual Core 1.6 GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM (more is fine)
Graphics: 2GB RAM, DirectX 9-compatible video card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard drive: 100MB available space
Keyboard: USB or PS2
Headset: Optional
OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor: Dual Core 2.