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AutoCAD R18 is an update to the 2002 program, AutoCAD R17, including bug fixes and new features. AutoCAD is available in Standard and Professional versions. Standard AutoCAD can be used on a laptop or desktop computer, but is also available for tablets, smartphones, web, and mobile apps.

Key AutoCAD features include:

Drawing and Analyzing: Add or modify lines, arcs, circles, squares, rectangles, and polygons.

Project and Architectural Drawing: Design, document, share, and publish 2D and 3D drawings.

Digital Text: Insert and edit text.

Drafting and Annotation: Mark and annotate drawings.

Drafting and Annotation Tools: Develop parametric and associative constraints and scripts.

Drawing Standards and Conventions: Apply styling, text, dimensions, line colors, and linetypes.

Additional tools: View images, write and draw tables, and much more.

AutoCAD has evolved to meet the needs of many design and drafting applications. For example, the ability to create 2D and 3D surfaces, animate objects, and apply materials has enhanced its functionality.

Although AutoCAD R18 is a major release, it is the first to be updated since the release of AutoCAD 2015. Its major functions, features, and capabilities have been enhanced.

Getting Started

The key features of AutoCAD are based on the same programming language (AutoLISP) as the program AutoCAD LT. Because of this, users familiar with AutoCAD LT can also use AutoCAD R18 without prior programming experience.

AutoCAD software is usually distributed as a single package that includes software, fonts, and applications. In addition, it includes all the necessary operating system programs and drivers.

AutoCAD is available as a full version and a student version, which includes all the functions of the full version but also a limited number of functions not available in the full version. The student version is available at reduced prices.


Autodesk recommends that you use its AutoCAD 2017 Toolkit to install AutoCAD R18, which includes AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and other related software. The 2017 Toolkit for Windows is a single standalone package.

You can use a DVD or CD to install AutoCAD R18. To do so,

AutoCAD License Keygen

AutoCAD includes a Graphic Device Manager that can display and edit graphics. It also allows importing and exporting graphic files. The graphic file format is the DXF format, which is an industry standard format.

Note that many CAD programs allow importing and exporting of DXF files; however, some CAD programs may allow importing and exporting of files that are incompatible with the DXF file format. AutoCAD uses the DXF standard to create and edit all objects in drawings.

AutoCAD includes many predefined backgrounds, screens, and viewports; and the ability to import and export images. In addition, AutoCAD includes a tool set for creating and using custom backgrounds and frames for each viewport.

Graphics printing
AutoCAD provides a Print Preview tool, which allows a user to view the final result of a drawing before finalizing the file and printing. This tool also allows printing to a wide variety of output devices, including:

Laser printers
Digitally supported plotters
Printed on conventional (not digital) paper
Conventional paper is the default setting when the Print Preview tool is used.

There are also a number of PDF creation tools that are available for free download. A few of these are:

Acrobat Pro DC
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat or later
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0.4 or later
Adobe Acrobat 10 or later
Adobe Acrobat 11 or later
Adobe Acrobat 11.1 or later
Adobe Acrobat 12 or later
Adobe Acrobat 12.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 13.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 14.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 15.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 16.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 17.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 19.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 23.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2019.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2019.2 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2019.3 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020.2 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020.3 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021.0 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021.1 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021.2 or later
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021.3 or later
Adobe Ac

AutoCAD With Key

First of all, you need to have Autocad and Autocad 2007 design program installed on your computer. Autocad is activated. It is possible that it may have been already activated earlier.

In the next step, you need to insert your license key into the Autocad. For example, you may use the keygen.

Right-click on Autocad’s icon on the taskbar. Choose “Refresh”.
There are two options in the list: Autocad and Autocad Archivist. Click on “Autocad”.
Press the Enter button to activate the program.
Then open Autocad and insert your key.

If you need to install the Autocad in the local directory, click on the “Extension” button on the top of the window. In the list of extensions, choose the location of the extension (directory).

Windows XP, Vista
1) Go to Control Panel.
2) Click on “Add or Remove Programs”
3) Choose “Autodesk Autocad”
4) Remove the software
5) Start the software

Windows 2000, 2003, 2008
1) Go to the control panel and click on “Add or Remove Programs”
2) Choose “Autodesk Autocad”
3) Click on Remove, then remove it.
4) Start the software

1) Click on Applications and find the Autocad. Drag it into your Applications folder, then close it.


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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist also performs many of the same functions as the Workbench tool. Find more information about Workbench and its features in Workbench.

Markup Import allows you to import feedback from printed paper or PDFs. Open a printed paper or PDF, and then click or tap to insert the paper or PDF into your drawing. When you’re ready, you can edit the feedback as needed. You can also save the file as a PDF or print it to file or to the Microsoft Print to PDF application.

To work with imported feedback, you can:

Open the drawing and launch the Markup Assistant.

Import a new drawing.

Open and edit existing drawings.

Access and manage your imported feedback.

Quick change: You can now use changes from your printout to make rapid changes to your design. Just press the


Key on the keyboard to make quick changes to your drawing.

When you press the


Key, you’re taken to the markup workspace, where you can make and save changes to your drawing.

For more information, see Create markups from printouts.

Markup Assistant

Use Markup Assistant to quickly and easily insert comments into your drawings. AutoCAD is now the only CAD software that offers a powerful workflow to manage your drawings’ comments.

Managing your drawings’ comments

Importing and managing your drawings’ comments is a core feature in AutoCAD. You can easily collect all the feedback you need on your designs and then integrate the comments into your drawing. You can then quickly view and update the comments without interrupting your flow of work.

A drawing’s comments give you quick access to feedback from others. You can import comments from hard copy paper or PDFs, and incorporate them into your own drawings.

How it works

By default, the markup workspace is not active in any drawing. As a result, you can’t mark up your drawing’s comments. When you launch the Markup Assistant, you’re asked to choose a drawing from the Markup Assistant window.

You can import comments from hard copy paper or PDFs, or you can import comments from within the Microsoft Print to PDF application.

Launch the Markup Assistant by clicking the




) in the Markup

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

(1) RAM: 512 MB
(2) HDD: 7.5 GB
(1) Linux 32bit
(2) Intel i5 2100 Quad Core
(3) RAM:512 MB(2) HDD:7.5 GB(1) Linux 32bit(2) Intel i5 2100 Quad Core Minimum Requirements:
(1) OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3
(2) RAM: 512 MB
(3) HDD: 7.5 GB
(1) OS