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AutoCAD History

AutoCAD is the world’s leading 2D drafting application. AutoCAD was originally developed by the Holland Auto-Design Company in 1982, and was available as both a PC application and for minicomputers. It is now sold as a stand-alone CAD product, a desktop companion app, and as a web-based web app, all offered by Autodesk.

AutoCAD 2016 for Windows

AutoCAD 2019 for Windows

AutoCAD 2014 for Windows

AutoCAD for Mac is an excellent graphics and drafting program. AutoCAD 2013 for Mac, the current version of the program, is available for purchase online. Alternatively, a free version is available for Mac OS X that contains only basic features.

In September 2019, AutoCAD Cloud Service was introduced as part of AutoCAD 2019. AutoCAD Cloud Service enables users to use AutoCAD software from anywhere in the world, using a browser and their internet connection. New users can try the service for free for 30 days before purchasing a subscription.

AutoCAD is very powerful and has many features. AutoCAD is designed to make drafting and drafting-related tasks easier, so even novice users can get by quickly with AutoCAD. AutoCAD comes with a free, all-inclusive student and student-benefit license.

The following are list some of the features that AutoCAD has to offer.

Command-line Commands

AutoCAD is highly customizable and allows for the creation of macros that automate repetitive tasks. AutoCAD includes a command-line, command-line editing (CLI), and an editor window, which are text-based command-line tools used to perform functions on the drawing.

Command-line Commands

In AutoCAD, drawings can be stored on disk and opened using command-line tools to perform tasks. The AutoCAD command-line window allows users to access the command-line from within AutoCAD or from a user-created script.

The following are some of the commonly used command-line commands:

· c&: To open a drawing.

To open a drawing. · c&p: To print a drawing.

To print a drawing. · c&r: To open a drawing on screen.

To open a drawing on screen. · cm: To execute a macro.


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Replacing lines of text such as HATCHED by the user with the line of text the user meant to use, was a popular feature for many of the programs that automated most of AutoCAD’s feature.

For VBScript, AutoCAD added Script Workspace on 14 March 2007 to replace the vbScript command line interface. The new scripting interface allows users to use vbscript as a component of more complex scripts. It has been one of the top performing add-on apps on the Autodesk Exchange store since it first went live.

The new functionality includes many examples of how the new scripting interface can be used and many new shortcuts. In particular, new VBA Shortcuts has simplified the creation of macros. Visual LISP was supported for scripts in AutoCAD’s current and previous releases, although was not an official option for the script editor in AutoCAD 2004. Prior to 2004 the only option was the more powerful Visual LISP Command Script Language (VLCSL).

In 2011 Autodesk released a new script technology built on the.NET Framework called ObjectARX. It is similar to VBA and Visual LISP, but allows interaction with the 3D environment of the program. Since then, AutoCAD has begun to support other.NET languages including C# and Powershell.

In 2015, the company acquired the old development team, which created the free modeling tool 123D Catch, 3D Architect, and many others.

Architecture, scalability, and interoperability

AutoCAD’s architecture has been redesigned from the ground up. AutoCAD LT, which was initially designed for use in educational and small-business markets, is now the primary release of AutoCAD. Many new features have been added to this new architecture including scalability, interoperability and increased application performance. AutoCAD LT can scale across millions of users on standard servers and networks. The architecture of AutoCAD LT, and other later releases, also supports a distributed architecture with each workstation connected to a single server. The architecture supports the use of other third party solutions such as: Windows (Windows Server, Windows 8) and Linux operating systems, and other third party file format interchange solutions. The new architecture also supports the use of local workgroup file servers.

AutoCAD can operate on the Windows, Mac, Linux, or UNIX platform using the same model and engineering workflow. Any of

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Data Match:

CAD drawings and data structures share a common foundation to help you create and align multiple drawing, drawing, and design perspectives.


Create the most powerful CAD tools you’ve ever experienced. Innovative tools for engineering and technology are now available for designers and engineers to build even better solutions.


A new powerful CAD platform built on a powerful foundation to deliver the best experience for your work.

DRAW and Edit With Confidence:

A new workspace that matches the features and tools of AutoCAD LT and is optimized for tablet use. Draw and edit drawings with confidence with new tools and features for drawing and editing. (video: 1:45 min.)


A new interface that provides contextual actions right on your mouse. Access frequently used commands, objects, and shortcuts in right click. Make the best of every situation with a new, intuitive experience.


Get more from your drawing with an enhanced interface, new ribbon tabs, and more. Track information in the drawing with integrated tables, manage layers more efficiently, and keep important information in view.


Access a new workspace to quickly create drawings of objects and scenes using native features, such as shading and reflections.


Track your project progress, get alerts, view and manage projects in a unified dashboard, and more.


Create, open, edit, and annotate your drawings from any device with the cloud. All of your AutoCAD drawings, data, and content are available online and are accessible from anywhere.


Find ways to save time and create more quickly. Create your own workflows with custom commands and accelerators. Find what you need faster with improved menus and new tools and features.


A new, improved interface for tablet, mobile, and desktop users that fits seamlessly on all devices.


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