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This tutorial focuses on generating a tabular (Table of Contents) chart of specifications for a home based or small business laboratory. In this tutorial, we will be using Autodesk’s AutoCAD in the Freehand drawing mode with a snap to grid.

In the final layout, the one shown in the image, you can see four rooms and three labs, each with its own information. The goal of this tutorial is to make this information into a form that is easy to work with. We will begin by preparing a table that describes the labs that we want to include and then generate a table of contents for the Lab Manual. After that, we will be using a list to keep track of the labs we want to include. Once we have created the list, we will generate a chart of specifications that we can update as we add labs.

Part 1 of this tutorial focuses on designing a table of contents (TOC) and making sure the rooms and labs are large enough to allow the user to move back and forth between the lab manuals.

Throughout this tutorial, we will be making notes as we go through the tutorial. So, if you are following along, make sure you have your own list that will store the data for the labs and rooms you create. In addition, we recommend you have a pencil and paper for writing down all of your notes as you go through the tutorial.

Background Information

The image below shows the lab layout that we will use for this tutorial.

The image below shows the data that we will be using for the labs in this tutorial.

We will be using the following AutoCAD commands:

Setup: Setup > Autodesk > AutoCAD 2013 > New Project


Begin by creating a new drawing based on the information shown in the diagram below. You should now have a new drawing that will be used as the basis for this tutorial. For this tutorial, we will be using the flat file or list mode. Choose a grid style by selecting Grid Options > Styles > Grid, and then choose whatever looks good to you. For this tutorial, we will choose Snap To Grid.

Add rooms and labs to the drawing

Before we begin designing the lab manual, we will add some rooms and labs to the drawing. This will allow you to see how the drawing will look once you have added the tabular chart.

Create room 1 – choose Create > Room. Then, change the dimensions

AutoCAD 2021 24.0 Free

The AutoLISP and Visual LISP libraries together with the application programming interface (API) provide the platform for AutoCAD Crack For Windows customization. AutoCAD’s ability to perform functions without user interaction by modifying the working set of objects of the current drawing, called “run-time,” has led some AutoCAD applications such as AutoCAD Architecture to be characterized as “very powerful but somewhat under-utilized.”

As for using AutoCAD for other purposes than creating drawings, it is possible to make use of the ObjectARX API and the Visual LISP scripting language to create AutoCAD applications.

Programmers can use AutoCAD’s API to build their own software. Developers are free to use AutoCAD’s API to create external tools, add-ons and applications without having to purchase or lease AutoCAD or access the source code.

When designing new features, many AutoCAD users rely on macros to accelerate their workflow. Macro commands can be of varying scope and complexity. Macro commands can perform a variety of functions, but often the most frequently used is the Macro command. The Macro command allows users to automate their drawing processes to save time.

In addition to the main AutoCAD commands, there are also commands which are specific to AutoCAD Architecture. These include commands for architectural design and detailing, support for 3D printing and construction and programming.

The simplest form of macros are Macro commands, but in AutoCAD Architecture there are more powerful macros which can create more complex results.


AutoCAD started out as a single-user Windows 3.1 operating system. In 1995, Autodesk released its first architectural drafting application, AutoCAD. At the time, it was a stand-alone application with a file type extension of.dwg. A short time later, they made the first steps in forming an AutoCAD Architecture. By 1998, the AutoCAD Architecture, a separate product with a file type extension of.dwa was released.

Today, the AutoCAD Architecture is the first drawing program for architects. It was the first AutoCAD-based product that gave architects the ability to use their drawing programs to plan, design and detail the objects they design.

The AutoCAD Architecture adds a set of commands that are aimed to help the design process, and to help with the preparation of the job and the coordination of

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Opening an Existing Drawing

To open an existing drawing, choose File Open File. Locate the desired drawing file.

Select the file in the workspace and use the following steps to create a new drawing.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

With the Markup Assistant, start a new drawing with “AutoCAD as you type.” As you type characters, AutoCAD quickly suggests replacements for your input text. After the changes are complete, your drawing and text are automatically saved.

You can now use the Markup Assistant to draw lines, create text and create geometric elements. It is easier than ever to add a drawing to a DWF or DGN file or include annotations or image files in your document.

Embedded 3D Modeling:

Embed 3D models into drawings and presentations. (video: 1:24 min.)

Re-size and position 3D models in drawings.

Add or edit 3D model files from existing CAD data. You can also view and change the surface color of 3D models in drawings.

AutoCAD Exchange:

Easily transfer files between the new AutoCAD version and the older AutoCAD 2007 format.

Use the Import/Export tool to copy your drawings to the Clipboard or to the Clipboard as a DWF or DGN file.

Use Export to output drawings into a new version of AutoCAD from older releases.

After downloading a new AutoCAD version, you can install the old version from the desktop right away.

New View and Command Options:

You can now share drawings with friends and coworkers, and see the latest changes in real time on AutoCAD Web. You can also add or edit a comment right inside a drawing.

The View and Command tool windows are now more customizable.

Keyboard shortcuts:

You can now use Ctrl+Shift+X to create a new layer, or use Shift+Alt+L or Ctrl+L to create a line with the current color of the background.

Ctrl+Alt+D to deselect a part.

Ctrl+Z to undo and Redo.

Ctrl+R or Ctrl+Shift+E to make the part invisible.

Ctrl+S or Ctrl+F to save the drawing.

Ctrl+T to view a texture or pattern.

Ctrl+V to paste data from the Clipboard or a file.

Ctrl+W to cycle through the last closed drawings.

Ctrl+Shift+0 to close the tool window.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
2GB RAM or more
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