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AutoCAD is typically bundled with a computer’s operating system, often as an add-on option. AutoCAD for Windows and AutoCAD LT are available for most versions of Windows. AutoCAD for Mac OS X and AutoCAD LT for Mac OS X are available as freeware or shareware, and AutoCAD for iPad, Android and Windows RT is available as a paid app.

There are two main versions of AutoCAD: AutoCAD LT (version 5) and AutoCAD (version 2020). AutoCAD LT is the edition of AutoCAD specifically designed for use by technical professionals and power users, and is mainly used by architects, mechanical engineers, and engineers. AutoCAD, on the other hand, is a more standard CAD product designed to produce finished drawings and is also available as a mobile app.

Today we are going to explore AutoCAD from both the user and the developer’s perspectives, and give you a comprehensive guide on how to get started using AutoCAD in 2020.

AutoCAD: An Overview

AutoCAD is a powerful CAD software application used by professionals worldwide. It is also a highly customizable and functional tool that helps users in different fields, whether they are architects, engineers, and landscape designers.

AutoCAD has been around for more than three decades and remains the most popular desktop CAD software on the market. However, AutoCAD is not only a simple line-drawing software program for designers. There are more than 200 functions that make AutoCAD a software that you can rely on for all your architectural, engineering, and architectural design needs.

AutoCAD LT is not as comprehensive as AutoCAD, but it offers a lot of the same functionality and can be a good alternative for those who find AutoCAD too complicated.

Some of the key features of AutoCAD include:

Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Conversion to DWG and DXF

Import, export and exchange

Implementation and use of BIM

Template-based drawing

Automatic 2D/3D coordination

Batch processing

Sketch creation

Rigid body modeling

Trace-based construction


Perspective-based drawing

Time control

3D modeling

Data integration

Viewing and analyzing


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3D modeling
AutoCAD users can create and modify models in 3D. It offers the 3D drawing capabilities to CAD users through its component technologies. It is a vector-based, layered CAD platform and its primary focus is on designing, modeling, engineering and painting to ease the design, modeling and construction tasks. The technology was first introduced in 1984. AutoCAD LT was introduced in 1997.

AutoCAD LT is the lowest cost 3D version of AutoCAD, but also uses DWG files for most of its applications. Its main features are:

The ability to draw 3D models that can be used as part of AutoCAD for editing, including for example, working on 3D elements, but not in the traditional 3D mode.
Simplified 3D coordinates of the origin for screen space and 3D drawing (per convention). It uses a 3D plane for the XY plane and a 3D perpendicular plane for the Z axis.
Interface to a simpler 3D modeling environment (not requiring viewing in all directions as in the standard 3D CAD system).

AutoCAD can be used to construct a full 3D drawing from a separate 3D model. The model should not be locked or marked as a datum. 3D models are not capable of exporting to an AutoCAD drawing. Instead, AutoCAD exports its own DWG file format that can be opened in AutoCAD or any other application. AutoCAD LT is limited to 2D drawing capability.

AutoCAD models and drawings can be saved as DXF, DWG and DXF-W or DGN-W (Design Guide) files.

AutoCAD can be extended through the use of registered plugins which can be downloaded from Autodesk Exchange. It supports a full range of tools and functions, such as: 3D modeling, 2D drawing, design management and engineering, print & publish, shop for features and components, reference, engineering drawing and more.

The registered AutoCAD plugins are delivered by Autodesk Exchange Apps. Autodesk Exchange Apps are the AutoCAD partner community where Autodesk is continuously refining and expanding its applications to give users new ways to work and the ability to more easily work together.

AutoCAD is also available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The user interface for these versions is identical to the standard Windows version of AutoCAD. Some native Mac OS 10.5 and

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Further information about Autocad (or any other CAD program) can be found in the


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You can enter the numbers from the PDF through the keyboard in Microsoft Office. Once you’re done, do a cut/copy/paste to get the code.
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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

You can also now use your existing revision history in your design tool, where you’ve already entered comments, changed symbols, and notes.

Do you have a comment, question, or idea you want to share?

Make your comments, suggestions, and requests directly to Autodesk. Use the comments at the end of this article to contact me, and you’ll receive a quick response.

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Many users of CAD software often have a great need for improved 2D drawing tools, especially when they need to be able to display and work on a big number of drawings or drawings at once. A related need is to have a design review to be able to efficiently and quickly exchange and incorporate feedback, which we’ll look at next.

What’s new in DraftSight 2:

DraftSight 2 is now available. In addition to drawing, annotation, and viewing tools that are familiar to existing users of DraftSight 1, DraftSight 2 includes other features such as:

Real-time 3D annotation;

Color, shape, and formula options;

Prioritized annotation;

Erasing, shape copying, and cutting with the mouse;

Copy and paste, undo, and redo;

Picture-in-picture viewing;

Polar tracking;

Formula extraction;

Easy-to-use navigation controls;

Perspective tools and grids;

Freehand drawing; and

Faster performance.

DraftSight 2 is available for purchase (USD $169.00) on the DraftSight 2 page.

DraftSight 2 is a standalone, stand-alone program, not a plug-in for your AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT drawings. You can install DraftSight 2 on your computer and run it separately from AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

You can also try DraftSight 2 out for free. Download DraftSight 2, and you can run it without the need to install it and you can draw, annotate, and view your design in real-time. This free version will expire after two weeks, so try DraftSight 2 now.

Use the comment at the end of this article to contact me, and you’ll receive a quick

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– Windows 7 or newer
– At least 1 GB of RAM
– 1.6 GHz CPU (Dual Core recommended)
– DirectX 11 graphics card (AMD HD 4670, NVIDIA GTX 260)
– 5.1GHz network connection
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