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Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen features include: drafting and modelling, linking to other applications and formats, DWG and DXF (vector) and other file formats, commands, objects, points, line, arc and polyline styles, dimensions, drawing, annotation, multi-layer editing, placement, constraints, layers, linetypes, text, printing, plotting, importing and exporting, and scripting.

The latest version of AutoCAD, 2012, is available for use with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. AutoCAD 2012 SP2 runs on computers based on Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.x and 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later. On the macOS, AutoCAD 2017 or later is recommended. AutoCAD 2018 runs on 32-bit Intel-based Macs using macOS Sierra or later. AutoCAD 2018 SP1 runs on 64-bit Apple Macintosh computers.

The program is sold through authorized resellers and distributors. AutoCAD has a total installed base of over a million users worldwide, and over half a million licensed users in the United States alone.

In 2012, AutoCAD was acquired by Autodesk and became a part of the Autodesk family of CAD software. In 2013, it was no longer available for purchase separately, and required the purchase of a license for the latest version of AutoCAD if a user was to use the software.


Autodesk’s Autocad is an extensively integrated and interactive application, which supports all drawing standards, such as Standard Drawing Interchange Format (SDIF), Drafting Interchange Format (DIF), Open Drawing Interchange Format (ODIF), Graphical Data Format (GDF), and so on. All these formats support features such as components and subcomponents, cross-references, fields and references, B-rep, shell-type representation and parameterized geometry, and so on. AutoCAD supports import/export (including V-REP, Maya, and Rhino), which means that users can seamlessly update their earlier design details. Users can also access and compare their files using other CAD software.

The version history shows that the software has undergone several major upgrades. In addition to the major and minor updates, AutoCAD also contains two major releases: AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2008. In the version history, updates are denoted by letter ‘R’ after the year, while the major releases are denoted by letter ‘M’ after the year.

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Authorized users of AutoCAD software can use AutoLISP to extend the drawing engine with their own functions, and these functions can be called directly from other applications. AutoCAD’s Visual LISP is an alternative to AutoLISP. It allows users to call commands directly from VBA.
VBA is the Microsoft scripting language used by AutoCAD and other AutoDesk products. VBA is integrated into AutoCAD, and can also be used in any third-party AutoDesk application. VBA can be used to create plug-ins for AutoCAD which extend its functionality or automate tasks such as adding a detail line to a drawing or modifying an object to fit into a given shape.

Raster-based design

Raster graphics is the main type of drawing tool used in AutoCAD. Originally AutoCAD used bitmapped (vector) graphics for all types of drawings and also handled vector graphics and symbol graphics. In recent years, use of the “brush” raster graphics tool has declined in favor of the screen and traditional pen-based methods for drawing and editing.

Screen-based design

Traditional screen-based design involves a user typing instructions into a command line. This method is most often used in design studios where a large number of users need to edit a large number of drawings simultaneously.

Entering text into a command line is a slow process. In the late 1990s, the industry began to shift to graphical interfaces, where the user would draw on a screen directly with a mouse or stylus. Most screen-based methods utilize a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) method, so that the user can see the drawing as it will be printed or the drawing as it will be reproduced.

Some screen-based methods are strictly command-line based. In the 1990s, most designers used a specialized command line language called PostScript, which was typically not accessible to the general public.

Keyboard and mouse

AutoCAD’s default input mode is the keyboard, but the user can also draw with the mouse. To save time, the software automatically snaps (with the correct control of cursor speed) when the mouse is clicked. This is similar to the way that a word processing program will automatically fit paragraphs together without requiring the user to enter alignment commands. The user may choose to draw the lines in the model by hand or by typing in the text directly.


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How to add body and params to a form_tag

I have an app that uses Rails’ strong parameters to sanitize user input. It works great on the index page, but it doesn’t work on other pages.
If I do this on a page that does not use strong parameters:

It will show up on the index page, but not the “make_it_abby” page.
However, if I do this:
true } do %>

That does work, but all that it shows is make_it_abby. I’m trying to show the value of make_it_abby but it is not showing up. Any ideas?


Rails does not automatically apply a method or params hash to a form unless you specify them. The way Rails is set up, it’s possible to use any number of text_field_tag fields inside a form, but no matter what type of field you put in there Rails will still try to use a :method => :post and a :params => {:action => ‘foo’, :method => ‘get’, :controller => ‘bar’ } for the form unless you specify it. In your code, you only specify the method, so Rails doesn’t know you want a GET.
When you do specify params, they will be applied to the form as expected. If you were to remove the parameters hash completely from the form_tag, and try to submit the form without specifying any parameters, you’d get an empty query string with no params because they would be completely absent from the query string. I believe you’re seeing something similar. It could be happening because when

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist:

Quickly access feedback or comments while editing your drawing, even when you’re using a different drawing or viewing a different page. (video: 1:14 min.)

You can import PDFs and OCR-based PDF files to the AutoCAD 2023 application, which is beneficial when creating large-scale drawings from the printed paper or PDF. Selecting a PDF in the PDF folder opens it in the drawing and can be used as a text, line, or annotation source.

You can also convert PDFs to DXF files and import them into the drawing. This makes it possible to work with a PDF, which is helpful when you want to share a drawing or report, but don’t want to share a drawing’s original source files.

You can also import PDFs directly into the drawing through the import dialog. And you can automatically import the first drawing page from a PDF, whether the file is saved as a separate file or as a single page.

By selecting a file in the My Files folder, you can access files stored in the application’s local storage. Local storage allows you to save files while you are working and retrieve them when you open a drawing. You can also save drawings with extensions such as DXF and DWG.

You can also extract information from a PDF, based on keywords and other data. The result is a series of Excel files that are organized by drawing area and symbol.

You can easily import Excel files into the drawing, for improved collaboration with people who use other programs or work on other platforms.

If you have user-defined styles, you can use AutoCAD Sketch Pad to create styles from a PDF.

Use AutoCAD Sketch Pad to create or edit styles from a PDF.

Workflow Improvements:

You can now view and edit more than one drawing file at a time. You can also access the Tabs icon in the status bar, which opens the currently open drawing in a separate view.

You can also quickly switch to the last tab open. This improves efficiency by avoiding having to re-open tabs in the drawing area.

You can also view multiple drawings at the same time. (new in AutoCAD 2023)

When you work with drawings that contain more than 1,000 layers, you now see a prompt to import faster. The following types of drawings are

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

-Windows XP/7/8/10-9GB RAM-2GB Hard Drive (3GB or above recommended)-2 GB free space-Graphics: 1GB DirectX 9/10/11-Razer Naga Speed-Internet connection for online play-*For the OSX platform: Apple OS X 10.6 or higher is required*

Known issues:
-Some programs may experience minor slowdowns during play. We are working on a fix for this.
-Certain issues, such as disappearing objects, may cause the game to crash. We are working