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Etale Secure Web Store is a publicly available web store for developers and enterprises that offers secure distribution, compliance, and enforcement of complex software distribution and code access control services. Our technology technology enables enterprises and software vendors to embed secure code access control and encryption services into their software product.New York City and its governor say they will move forward with the installation of facial recognition cameras, despite a letter from attorneys general in other states decrying the move as “creepy” and setting up a legal fight, a spokesman for the city’s mayor said Monday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said in a statement that the city would proceed with its plan “as expediently as possible.”

“While we have received no formal confirmation that the City will receive and use the biometric data of New Yorkers, our legal team has assumed that we may not be able to legally prevent such collection or use of the data by the State, and we will move forward in earnest negotiations with state officials,” the statement said.

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The statement did not mention the letter from attorneys general in other states, but said the city was committed to “providing public notice prior to the installation of the cameras.”

The city released a six-month trial of facial recognition technology it says will help “enhance the safety of all New Yorkers.” New Yorkers participating in the trial will be able to opt-out.

Like the Department of Transportation, the Department of Sanitation and the Department of Buildings, the NYPD is also exploring the use of facial recognition technology to help officers with their jobs, CBS New York reported.

“This week, I’ve asked NYPD to share the results of its investigation into facial recognition technology,” de Blasio said at a news conference Monday. “While the trial phase is six months long, we need a better public safety policy that can be implemented in a timely fashion.”

New York is the most populous city to try facial recognition technology, but it has faced criticism from civil rights groups and residents who say the government should consider the privacy implications of the technology.

Late last week, several states, including California and New York, were named in a missive from attorneys general from around the country, denouncing facial recognition technology as “creepy” and saying that the use of the technology is a “troubling step.”

“We remain concerned that this technology is being