The acronym for Amazon Web Services is AWS. It leads the industry in offering cloud infrastructure. as a courtesy to companies seeking to switch to virtual, scalable data hosting and storage services.

Over the years, the cloud sector has experienced exponential expansion, and in the years to come, this growth is anticipated to continue. The best cloud service provider for companies is AWS.

As a result, it expands the range of employment options and in-demand positions available to those seeking a fulfilling career in cloud computing. The best method to get your abilities acknowledged in the market is to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect test. It demonstrates your dedication to upskilling in terms of professional capability and understanding the best industry practices.

The following is a selection of the most well-liked and practical AWS certification training courses available online.

1. Architect for AWS-certified solutions

Awesome educational resources don’t have to break the bank. On the Udemy learning portal, Ryan Kroonenberg and Faye Ellis are selling this affordable course.

The professors have a combined 37 years of practical industry experience. Since the beginning of the cloud industry, Ryan has worked in a variety of functional roles, including systems administrator, developer, and solutions architect. As the company’s creator, he uses all of his knowledge to instruct you on the specifics of working in the AWS cloud environment.

The course material is divided into 11 parts, each having 107 lectures and a duration of 14 hours 37 minutes, not including 2 practice exams. The syllabus is often revised to reflect how the test is ever-evolving.

It goes over all the key ideas, including S3, EC2, cloud computing and its applications, databases, and serverless computing.

The course will give you a head start in your AWS preparation and will design the best route to your certification with a suitable plan and effective exam-clearing techniques.

Based on 56,000+ ratings and 211,000+ enrollments, the course has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

2. AWS offers a course on Coursera called “AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications”.

In the field of online education and training, Coursera is well-known. This course will educate you about the fundamental AWS services, such as security and migration, as well as the fundamentals of building serverless apps using AWS, over the course of four interwoven courses.

Beginners who want to explore a particular cloud domain built on the AWS platform should take this course. The fact that the course was created by a team of AWS Professionals rather than by AWS themselves is its strongest feature.

If you are a young IT professional without any experience with AWS, don’t worry. When creating serverless apps, you will learn about the framework and architecture in the context of actual challenges.

Using the correct course, you may improve your AWS abilities by using the practical learning ecosystem and making the most of the hands-on exercises and programming assignments created by specialists in the field.

Based on 400 evaluations, the course has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.

3.) LinkedIn Learning’s Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers: Cloud Concepts

Hiroko Nishimura is the instructor for this course on LinkedIn Learning. AWS Newbies, which aims to make cloud knowledge available to everyone, was founded by Hiroko. For non-engineers who want to enter the cloud computing field, he is the finest source of information. To his credit, he has written a book about the issue, further demonstrating his domain-level expertise.

It is the best training for beginners who wish to learn about AWS. It serves as a lighthearted and jargon-free introduction for non-engineers to the world of AWS and cloud computing.

You will learn the fundamentals of AWS and cloud computing from the teacher. You will learn how to use the AWS free tier features by signing up for an AWS account, giving you first-hand experience with utilising AWS goods or services.

The first in a four-part series, this course will enable a non-engineer to determine whether he is interested in the area of cloud services. In order to prepare for the certification, you can gradually finish the next 3 courses in the series if you believe you are a good match for a career as an AWS certified professional.

4.) Sprintzeal’s AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2023

One of the top Udemy course facilitators, Zeal, is the program’s teacher. He is a cloud security consultant that helps businesses create the best infrastructure by applying his knowledge of cloud security. On Udemy, he has 13 carefully selected courses and almost 75000 students. His practical knowledge has been of great assistance to students as they get ready for the AWS Solution Architect Certification. According to the student testimonials, he has been praised highly for his attention to detail and emphasis on real-world applications.

The course features a thorough syllabus with 5 sections and is taught over the course of 119 lectures, totaling 16 hours and 13 minutes.

The basics of cloud computing, a comprehension of the key AWS services, security, billing, and support are among the topics covered in the programme.

The fact that Zeal has devoted a full section to test preparation with advice on the best tactics, hints, and exam quizzes makes the course the most beneficial. The course is extremely well-liked and beneficial because it is exam-oriented. 4.5 out of 5 stars have been given based on 16256 reviews.

5. AWS Solutions Architect provides associate-level test preparation, which will point you in the appropriate route for exam preparation. The programme is helpful for those who want to become cloud engineers.

It checks every box for the perfect test preparation programme. It features a current, thorough curriculum that includes useful insights to provide you practical experience with design ideas. To top it all off, the course is taught by the outstanding Elias Khnaser, a specialist in hybrid and public clouds. Mr. Khnaser served as Sigma Solutions’ CTO. He is affiliated with Gartner and has written more than 100 articles for authoritative websites including Forbes, Information Week, and Virtualization Review in addition to six books.

On the AWS Platform, designing workload deployments will be covered. You will not just be prepared for the AWS Solutions Architect programme by taking this course. Additionally, it will improve your ability to develop scalable systems utilising AWS.

Contrary to other courses on the list, this training certification requires prior understanding of AWS principles.

Reading blogs, white papers, and doing as many practise tests as possible before the exam are a few pertinent exam recommendations. Another excellent method to obtain some first-hand experience with the services provided on the AWS platform is to become acclimated to the free tier services and use them as much as the free mode enables. Users of Quora also contribute incredible knowledge regarding the online and offline tools they utilised to launch their careers as AWS Solutions Architects. Always put a strong focus on learning by doing, and keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to achievement. The proper method not only makes learning enjoyable, but it also makes the experience worthwhile.