BCM Call Logger Crack+ [Latest-2022]


Configurable scheduler

Routing requests

Playback / pause of calls (record modes)

Export log data to MS Access database files

Decryption of audio files

Call Blocking / Call Forwarding

Batch processing

Logs date, time, number, duration

Logs each call including individual call parameters

Logs all received calls in 24/7 on/off mode

Call events, type, date, time, country, trunk, sub-trunk, channel

Display of incoming / outgoing calls / date / time / duration / received or blocked

Display of Caller, called party, CPN, Analog, Digital,

Gatekeeper, number of message, was call rejected, call hold time,

was call refused, was call re-routed, No. of digits, Dialed digits,

Connected / connected – complete, alarm

Assist to connect / disconnect / suspend call

Trigger / resume call / forwarding and blocking calls

Unauthorized / Bad Connect attempts

Ringing / No-ringing

Displayed Channel, Interface

Transferred calls

Phone / Speed dial / Deferred number

Log of Line

Displayed alert type

Charging status

Input / Received / Originated / Dropped calls

No. of rings, Call type, Placed calls

Display of Phone / Number / Subscriber

Display rate

Display of duration

Display of dialed digits

Display of timed digits

Display of tone pattern

Display of Disconnect / Reset / Close

Display of idle time

Display of disconnect time

Display of extension

Display of connection time

Display of Microphone

Display of mic disconnect

Display of mic connect

Display of mic disconnect on

Display of mic connect on

Display of unknown party

Display of no answer

Display of busy

Display of busy for

Display of call waiting

Display of call waiting for

Display of call waiting off

Display of no answer on

Display of no answer off

Display of no answer for

Display of no answer off

Display of as-call-placed

Display of as-call-received

Display of unsupported call type

Display of unsupported call type

Display of

BCM Call Logger Free

Discover all kinds of data that your BCM telephone systems store

Analyze your phone bill, check the service status or setup new numbering resources

Use this utility to check telephone numbers (incoming and outgoing), see call details and track calls and events

Manage call logs (incoming and outgoing) from active BCM telephone systems

Generate reports and export logs into.mdb,.txt and.csv files

Read the manual and find more information about running this application in the.PDF manual.

Are you a novice at all, but still want a telephone software that you will be able to use by yourself? What is the easiest way for you to be able to use it?
Perhaps all you want to do is to find the phone numbers and call information that is stored in the phone systems and not to have to call someone and ask them for the information, or to simply look up the phone number and then dial it? If this is the case, then you will love the database software that is installed on the phone. This software is designed to make it possible to be able to just review the information in the database, and then make a call from that database and dial the phone number you want to use without even having to call someone else.
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This software should be installed on your computer, or that is what it is designed for. It is really not designed for the phone and there is no way that you are going to be able to install it on the phone.
This software will allow you to view the information you need to be able to make calls directly from the database that is created in this software. You can go online and view the database so you will know

BCM Call Logger

What’s New In BCM Call Logger?

BCM Call Logger is a simple-to-use application that can extract information from BCM telephone systems and put together reports. This data can be then exported to a database file compatible with Microsoft Access for closer inspection.

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System Requirements For BCM Call Logger:

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