Return to the deep and mysterious forests of the Unknown Land for this free-for-all tank fight. Bears in Tanks is a game that combines the simple mechanics of top-down 1-on-1 tanks with the variety and chaos of the “pick-up-and-play” FPS – for two-5 player games.
Since Bears in Tanks is a stand-alone game, any controller set up can be used, including Playstation controllers, Xbox 360 controllers, Microsoft Intellimouse, and gamepads.
• First-person tank fighting game
• Five unique and upgradable tank models, each with its own abilities and stats.
• Seven different maps with plenty of secrets and hidden goodies
• Hidden abilities and unlockables
• Rankup system for leveling up!
• No microtransactions or DLC
Does Bears in Tanks have something that will capture your interest? Have you experienced other tank games and liked them?
Join the bears in tanks now for free!

Join the Bears in Tanks game and save the world. The danger is spreading, and only you can stop it. Bears, wolves, and other animals have decided to take over the land. Your mission: clear the forest and save the world.
In Bear Hunt you are the only one to protect the world and show that everybody has a reason to live. Each round you’ve to clear the land and show that the animals are at the end and that there is a brighter light somewhere.
Easy to learn and fun to master, Bear Hunt is a masterpiece of puzzle games.
-more than 40 different levels to play in.
-different modes: be a bear, a hunter or a wolf.
-fun and surprising elements like Ledge to grab and Spinning Platforms, Lava Bubbles and even a Stone Pit that will really test your skills.
-exchange the doggy with a gun and hit the switches.
-unlock the symbols by finding the hidden objects
-contribute to the highest Rankup possible
It’s time to prove your skills in the world of Bear Hunt

Join the Bears in Tanks game and save the world. The danger is spreading, and only you can stop it. Bears, wolves, and other animals have decided to take over the land. Your mission: clear the forest and save the world.
In Bear Hunt you are the only one to protect the world and show that everybody has a reason to live. Each round


Bears In Tanks Features Key:

  • Double goal bug that wants to be included 😀
  • More bears to be choosed at the beginning
  • Single and double slider
  • It’s time to shoot a bear, so aim carefully
  • Sounds


Bears In Tanks Free [Latest 2022]

The world belongs to the bears.
And it’s your job to be their tank driver…
The bears have only one problem…
The world’s most dangerous machine has arrived – the Tank – and it’s the most heavily-armored beast on the face of the planet!
You’ve got a mission.
To defeat the bear-killing Tank in order to save the bears…
You’re the Tank. It’s your duty to protect the world from the Bears.
The bears may be mindless monsters but they are still very dangerous and you can barely imagine the devastation they can wreak.
The real fury is one of the bears’ strengths; it can destroy tanks with little more than one punch. And thanks to its strong armour, your job is to kill the bears…
You need to watch out for landmines and oil slicks though… just because a bear is in the soup doesn’t mean you should get in too.
The world’s most dangerous animal has some seriously powerful weapons and they’re going to be used against you.
The tank controls are simple.
You need to aim with the stick, drive with the left analog stick, aim with the right, and shoot with the A button.
Your moves can be slowed down with the LT/RT sticks, and you can change your direction with X and Y.
Your aim is not that great.
There’s a focus ability that allows you to fire on enemies that aren’t that close to you, but it only functions if the enemy is clearly in sight.
The bears can destroy you with little more than one blow…
There are no cheats or passwords in this game.
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Bears in Tanks Crack is a free platformer in which you can play as the bear-punching, tank-mounted maniacs that hunt the bears. But have you ever wondered why the bears are still so fierce? What about the things that make them fearsome?
“Bears in Tanks Free Download” gives you the answers to these questions and then some…
Discover the origin of this legendary creature by facing off against super-powerful enemies like the Light Tank, and Monsters that can do damage from a great distance.
Meet the humans and find out what they’re up to. Get a chance to see for yourself, meet characters that you can’t meet anywhere else.
The world is beautifully rendered, and full of amazing enemies and stages.
You might die.
A lot.
Bears in Tanks features


Bears In Tanks Crack + Free Download

1) Slot in the pneumatic tank of your choice2) Start the countdown timer3) Race around the stage and finish as the first bear to cross the finish line!Follow the gameplay:1) Play the free demo of Bears in Tanks here!2) Download the full game on Steam.

0:54Watch this video on YouTube

Pick your favorite way of killing an enemyBear in Tanks:

Bears are super cute. Actually I don’t know how they look like. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any extraordinary ability. They are really a lot of fun. After you are done playing Bears in Tanks you will feel like killing an enemy is no longer a dangerous thing.

Ok I’m a little late to this party but it’s finally here! The free version of Bears in Tanks is up on Steam, and can be played in 2-5 player capacity. I’m one of the programmers on the project, and we’re really happy to give it to you guys.

If you own a controller, you should definitely give this a try. We’re planning to release a console version later, but for now we want to make sure everyone can enjoy the fun of it. 🙂

If you play Bears in Tanks, let me know if there are any bugs that I can address. Feel free to bug us on Twitter and let us know about any issues you encounter or if you like the game.

We’re also happy to give out the full game if you want it and sign up for the Steam platform, or just give us feedback about the game.

We’re going to be putting up more and more videos to show you all the nifty features of the game, and hope to have more bears join the party!

Bears in Tanks is a top-down tank fighting game, and one of the early inspirations for a lot of the game modes we’ve seen in the indie tank scene. It features not one, but two bears as playable characters.


Bears are the standard tank unit. There are four Bears in Bears in Tanks, each with a different move set and tank.

All Bears have the basic tank-controls: aim and fire. Each Bear has a unique move that they use to both attack and defend. Bears can also dash to get to their target faster and to deliver more damage. Bears in Tanks also features a unique mechanic: When a Bear is shot, they’re invulnerable


What’s new: