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Learn more about the individual features discussed in this book in the official online help for Photoshop, found at `

To create, edit, or just view images in Photoshop, you need to work in its workspace. Fortunately, Photoshop’s top-level menu bar makes getting into the workspace an easy task. From the top-level menu, choose Window⇒Workspace. You’re then presented with a workspace that includes the tools you’re most likely to want to use—one window for each of the tools. There is also a toolbar, which you can hide or show. In Figure 1-5 you can see that the toolbar has been hidden and most of the controls have been placed in the topmost panel.

Figure 1-5. The Workspace gives you easy access to most Photoshop features. You can also hide the toolbar and move controls from the toolbar.

You can display the workspace, and all its tools, in a separate window. Click the Window button at the top-right corner of the workspace, and choose Show All Windows. Then choose Window⇒Workspace (Windows) or Photoshop⇒Workspace (Mac) to see the workspace and all its tools. You can also hide all the tools by clicking the Hide Others button at the top-right corner of the workspace, and then pressing X. Just choose Window⇒Workspace (Windows) or Photoshop⇒Workspace (Mac).

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Visit the Adobe Photoshop Elements website for complete details.

What is Photoshop Elements?

We really want to explain the features of the software and the benefits of using it instead of Photoshop but the first thing you need to know is what it is and how to use it.

What Photoshop Elements is:

A graphics editor and image editing program.

A package that includes at least 20 image-editing, graphics and design tools.

Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are only for use on Windows computers.

How to use Photoshop Elements:

Why use Photoshop Elements?

It has more options.

It has fewer features.

It is easier to use.

It offers more training.

Visit our page that explains why you should use Photoshop Elements over Photoshop.

How to move your files from Photoshop to Photoshop Elements:

Which Version of Photoshop Elements should I get?

You will need to buy the latest version of Photoshop Elements for Windows.

How do I download Photoshop Elements:

Visit the Adobe website.

Choose a download that suits your needs.

Click on the “Download” button to start downloading Photoshop Elements.

You will see a Adobe installer.

Click on the Adobe installer icon to start the installation.

You can also use the Adobe Software Click-to-Run option.

What do I need to know before I start:

Photoshop Elements is much more than just an alternative to Photoshop. It is a whole toolkit that contains a wide range of visual and graphic design tools and photo editing software.

However, the basics of Photoshop Elements are the same as those of Photoshop. You can edit images, apply various filters, do basic and advanced edits and much more. It also offers some additional tools.

The reason for this is that its main purpose is to be a basic design and photo-editing software program for both beginners and professionals.

All the other tools in the program can be used to produce high-quality images and graphics.

The basics of Photoshop Elements:

The Photoshop Elements interface looks like the one below. You can read more about the interface in our article about the Photoshop Elements interface.

The Photoshop Elements interface was developed with images and graphics in mind. The icons, graphics, and tools are presented in different areas in the user interface.

You can find all of these tools grouped

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Creating and editing text with Photoshop
It is easy to type in and add text to an image. Photoshop comes with built-in fonts such as Times New Roman and Helvetica Neue. Other fonts can be downloaded from the website, such as Myriad Pro and Open Sans. The Edit > Type menu includes options for different fonts and size adjustments.

The Text tool will allow you to type text and use it to guide or add text to images. The tools used with the Text tool will vary from font size to font style to fonts color, and typeface style.
You can delete text using the Eraser tool, and also resize it with the Selection tool. You can also change the color of text with the Select tool and the Paint Bucket.

The Gradient tool allows you to create and edit gradients. Gradients are used to change the tones in your image.

The Magic Wand will allow you to select all areas that are the same color and colorize them. You can use the Spot Healing Brush to erase light or dark areas from your image.

The pen tool is similar to a pen or paint brush. You can use it for sketching and sketching your image. If you would like to sketch out shapes, you will need to use a vector layer.

The Crop tool allows you to cut sections from your image. You can do it by using the Selection tool, or by using the Pen tool and writing into the image. It is particularly useful for removing unwanted sections of your image.

The Liquify tool allows you to manipulate your image. You can stretch, squish, and warp your image by using it. You can create fun effects by using the Liquify tool.

The Stamp tool allows you to select an image and place it on top of your image. You can change the size of your image by using the rectangle tool. To change your image, use the shift key when you select the new image. You can also resize an image to fill a new area of the layer.

The Shadows and Highlights tool allows you to change the levels of darker and lighter parts of an image. You can select an area by using the Rectangle tool, and then adjust the levels using the Shadows and Highlights tool. You can use the levels to make the darker parts darker, and the lighter parts lighter.

The Shadows and Highlights tool will allow you to change the levels of darker and lighter parts of an image. You can select an area

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Kit Contents


Sights: Adjustable Standard


System Requirements For Birthday Banner Design Templates In Photoshop Free Download:

OS: Windows 8 or later, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
Processor: Dual core 2.1 GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or later
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 1 GB free space
Additional Notes: Approximate download size: 6.0 GB
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