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Software Free Download for Windows and Mac. 0 games are available in the category of “Other Video games”. Autodesk Maya 6(2017 .
Introduction to Maya 2012 AutoCAD LT. Autodesk 3D modeler is a tool to create and edit 3D models in Autodesk 3D Studio software.

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“a good way to write” or “a good way to write”?

I’m looking at a “website” right now and it says

Life is a good way to write.

Should it be “a good way to write”?


Yes, the preposition does have to go with the to-infinitive.

He gave her a good way to write.

In this sentence, he did not give her a way. He gave her the ability to write properly and in what was considered proper English.

If I close my eyes and scream, I can hear a good way to write.

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