If you are looking for the best carpet for your home or office, your search ends here! In this list, you will find a collection of the best carpets available in India to meet all your needs, whether it is quality, style, or comfort.Looking for carpets that complement your decor and create a cozy atmosphere in living spaces with their soft and inviting surface, read on because in this article you will find the softest and the best choices available in India.Say goodbye to your old and rugged carpets and hello to the best carpets for home that stand the test of time, make your place comfortable and stylish without draining your wallet.

List of the best carpets in India

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1. Carpets world Microfiber Home Super Soft Modern Shag

This product is ideal for every corner of your home or office. Whether you want to relax in the living room, dine in style, or unwind in the bedroom, this carpet provides the perfect combination of comfort and style made from high-quality polyester material, it guarantees long-lasting performance and durability. It’s made with perfectly finished edges, adding precision to the product.

  • Weave type- Flat woven
  • Material- Microfiber
  • Item weight- 6kg
  • Color- Beige
ProsTop notch qualityLooks good
ConsDoubtful durability

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2. Sifa Carpet

This Sifa carpet is made of polyester wool, which gives you a super soft touch under feet and makes it anti-skid. It can be used anywhere at home like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and is easy to wash with cold detergent water.

  • Weave type-
  • Material- Polyester
  • Item weight- 6kg
  • Color- Brown
ProsGood qualityValue for money
ConsNo alternate color options available

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3. Anti Skid Floral Polyster Carpet

This Sifa carpet is super soft and with binding on edge it is also anti skid, made with polyester with soft touch under feet. It is one of the best deals and cheapest carpets online. Durability, stain resistance and easy to wash at home with mild detergent, this product is an economical choice with many benefits.

  • Weave type- Flat woven
  • Material- Polyester
  • Item weight- 7kg
  • Color- Coffee
ProsComfortableEasy to clean

Buy Anti Skid Floral Polyster Carpet

4. Kismat Carpet

This product makes one of the best carpets for bedroom with its luxurious plush pile height of 2 inch pile, it is super comfortable and soft underfoot. With comfort it also offers durability, stain and fade resistance and light touch. It needs to be vacuumed regularly for cleaning spot.

  • Weave type- Handmade
  • Material- Microfiber
  • Item weight- 5kg
  • Color- Sky blue
ProsFine textureGood appearance
ConsMay shed

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5. HOMA DORN Chindi Handmade carpet

Homadorn Handmade Rugs/Dhurries are made from recycled chindi yarn, which makes it environment friendly. By reusing waste fabric, they preserve traditional weaving techniques but also provide employment opportunities for local workers. This handmade rug is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, effortlessly upgrading the aesthetics of your living or dining room with their bohemian designs. It is foldable and portable nature which allows easy transportation, making it perfect for picnics or any outdoor events.

  • Weave type- Flat woven
  • Material-Cotton blend
  • Item weight- 2000 grams
  • Color- Multicolor
ProsAppealing colorsSmooth to touch
ConsPossibly slippery

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Choudhary carpet home decore is a soft, good quality, persian carpet and its anti skid, without any chemical backing. It can be easily carried around, folded and kept, making it a must have for family outings or just a date!

  • Weave type-
  • Material- Polyester
  • Item weight-
  • Color- Blue
ProsGood appearanceValue for money
ConsNeeds quality improvement


7. HOMDECLOYAL Jute Braided carpet

The natural fiber of this carpet combines style and durability, bringing timeless sophistication to your living room, dining room, kitchen, or hallway.It is made out of 100% Jute and offers a coastal-cool look, standing out wherever it is kept with its earthy texture and color. Made with the precision of skilled artisans it gives you a unique handwoven weave that adds to its charm. It is advised to handle handmade carpets with care, opt to shake off the dirt or any debris rather than vacuuming it.

  • Weave type- Braided
  • Material- Jute
  • Item weight- 1452 grams
  • Color- Beige
ProsGood qualityEasy to dust

Buy HOMDECLOYAL Jute Braided carpet

8. Habere India Jute Carpet

Habere India’s jute rugs give your room a natural and rustic touch, made from durable and sustainable jute fibre. With a cosy underfoot touch, it’s the best carpet for living rooms, bedside runners, and nursery spaces. If you prioritise natural textures, unique designs and sustainable materials, this rug is what you’re looking for. For maintenance, using a soft brush or gentle vacuum attachment to keep them looking their best is advised, avoid harsh brushes.

  • Weave type-Braided
  • Material- Jute
  • Item weight- 1290 grams
  • Color- Pure jute- Yellow color
ProsComfortableGood appearance
ConsCould be patchy

Buy Habere India Jute Carpet

9. ishro home carpet

Ishro home carpet gives you the experience of ultimate comfort with 100% softness and comfort, it is perfect for living rooms and can be used as runner rugs. This is a multipurpose mat which provides protection from cold floors and serves as bedroom runners, floor mats, and bedside rugs. Boasting dimensions measuring 3×5 feet, it is large enough for home decor use, made with premium fibres and stitching technology for durability.

  • Weave type- Braided
  • Material- Thermoplastic rubber
  • Item weight-1.84 kg
  • Color- Crystals
ProsModern lookNon-slippery
ConsDoubtful quality

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FAQs: Best carpets in India

Q1. What is the best grade of carpet?

Ans. Kismat Carpet, HOMDECLOYAL Jute Braided carpet are one of the best grade carpets mentioned here. Please read the article for more.

Q2. Which carpet colour is best?

Ans. One of the best carpet colours is blue and beige and some of the products list in articles like Carpets world Microfiber Home Super Soft Modern Shag, Carpets world Microfiber Home Super Soft Modern Shag, CHOUDHARY CARPET Home Decore , HOMDECLOYAL Jute Braided carpet are some of the few of the said colour.

Q3. Which type of carpet is best?

Ans. The best carpets are ones that are durable, easy to wash and portable. Like the ones listed in this article.