Bangalore, the nation’s centre for information technology, is home to magnificent skyscrapers, iconic sites, and man-made gardens that are frequently overrun by rowdy crowds. However, despite its vibrant nightlife and elegant surroundings, the city lacks something essential for reviving one’s inner self—something to nourish the spirit and bring contentment to the heart. 


The Western Ghats or Nilgiris, which are home to exotic species of flora and fauna, are fortunately all around Bangalore, providing a haven for it. Numerous wildlife reserves have been established on the outskirts of Bangalore to protect these unique populations of wildlife and to raise awareness about their importance in maintaining the balance of nature. The wildlife resorts built around the reserves were made with the intention of doing their part to protect the environment. Wildlife enthusiasts can gather all the best souvenirs to cherish in the near future at these distinctive eco-friendly, substantial, and charming wildlife lodges.


In light of this, if you’re looking for the best jungle resorts close to Bangalore and are planning a quick wildlife trip, you should consider the following:

The Wilds at Northern Hay, Madhumalai

The Wilds at Northern Hay, a former coffee warehouse turned wildlife resort, is approximately 239 kilometres from Bangalore and offers cosy lodging on the outskirts of the Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. The resort’s undisturbed scenic views will help you unwind and calm your stressed mind as it is surrounded by dense coffee plantations. Four ensuite bedrooms, a drawing room, a dining area, and a few charming spots where you can relax and spend time in nature are all available at The House in the Wilds. The resort’s Tree House gives you a fantastic opportunity to see the unmatched expanse of limitless greenery and energizes you from within. 

The Serai, Kabini

You should never compromise on the location if taking a vacation in calm nature makes you feel more alive inside. Surprisingly, Serai Kabini, located 154 kilometres from Bangalore, recognizes your taste for elegance so well that it introduces its opulent property right on the banks of the glittering Kabini River. Numerous species of birds and smaller mammals congregate fearlessly in the lush green forest that sprawls along this river’s bank, which is a designated wildlife sanctuary. The resort offers the Waterfront Verandah and Waterfront Villa as two unique lodging options to enhance the allure of being in nature. One of a kind in this forest is the massages that the on-site Oma Spa offers.

The Windflower, Bandipur

One of the best wildlife weekend getaways from Bangalore is Bandipur, which is approximately 218 kilometres away. Bandipur welcomes visitors with its picturesque charm and rich collection of flora and fauna that every wildlife enthusiast would love to look for. And if you’re one of the people who travel to Bandipur this vacation because you love the outdoors, I’d advise staying at the Windflower. Suites, villas, and studios are the different types of lodging available at this resort, depending on your level of comfort. Aside from serving delicious food, the on-site restaurant focuses on serving healthy options. There is also a private dining facility available if you require more privacy in your dining area.

The Bison Kabini Resort, Nagarhole

The Bison Kabini Resort, located approximately 228 kilometres from Bangalore, will receive additional points in your review if you are most excited by the wilderness. The Bison brings a stylish African-style Tented Camp with enough amenities for daily life to Nagarhole, one of the few jungle resorts with a view of the forest. Elephant herds, gharials, and even sporadic leopard sightings can all be seen from the Bison’s observation deck. Rustic Machans and Deluxe Luxury Tent are the two additional divisions for the tents.

Gorukana Resort, BR Hills, Chamarajnagar

With its exclusive eco-friendly property and location in BR Hills, Chamrajnagar, Gorukana Resort is about 196 km from Bangalore and offers the best amenities while upholding its responsibility to Mother Earth. You get the impression of living in perfect comfort and joy while being in close contact with nature and the wilderness in Gorukana. Three different lodging types—the tree house, cottages, and tent house—would perfectly fit your criteria for selecting a place to live. The Ayurvedic Therapy “Padabhyanga” (Feet Massage) for 10 Minutes will be provided to you on the day of arrival as part of your reservation for a stay in Gorukana.

Summing up 

By staying at one of the Jungle Resorts close to Bangalore, you can take advantage of the natural vistas that India’s abundant wildlife has to offer. The resorts above and many others like them will give you the chance to experience the thrill of staying within wildlife reserves, bringing you much closer to nature. Additionally, these locations offer the best weekend escape from Bangalore’s busy life. Without forgoing the luxuries, you can easily arrange a vacation in one of these jungle resorts. 


By Nora18

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