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Over the years, the popular mainstream alternative for cracked software has been The Pirate Bay. It has also become the most popular website where cracked software is posted for download. The term cracked software refers to software that has been illegally modified and distributed in ways that are likely to result in the destruction of the software. Let us know what your thoughts are on cracked software in the comments section below. Our goal is to share the latest applications and game reviews, as well as games news and tips everyday. We also keep you updated with the latest direct download links and Premium app stores, in which you get access to the most recent and up-to-date apps, games, and news for all the social platforms you use the most: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows.

There is a network of sites dedicated to cracking software, providing access to their libraries of cracked software. In fact, the word cracked originally had a negative connotation, the software was “cracked”, or modified, and such changes in the software would cause it to behave in a different way than expected. With an average user running 10+ different programs and apps at the same time, and the constant desire to get the most out of your phone, tablet or computer, the list of apps and software we use on a daily basis is just too long for the average human to remember. In order to save time and eliminate the need to constantly look for the right program when we need it, most of us tend to download all our software from one single website.