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Those of you experienced torrent users know how the game sites change very fast. While this site has been pretty good to me its not the best. However, seeing as how theres not a ton of people coming in here and just complaining, Ill up it to the top 10. Here are the updated links for the top 5 sites as of Feb 21st.

We got the best torrenting sites on our TOP 3. But since it is not an official uploader of any of them, its not listed here. There are so many peoples that being new, that this site used to be a great site for them. Its nowhere close to this anymore. At the time of this review, its not the best site for torrenting.

This site is in my opinion one of the best and fastest ways to get cracked. People update and you get the most up to date cracked titles. Gotta mention it its very popular because everyone loves this site.

This site is an old favorite of mine. The first website that I ever used for cracked titles and now my only choice. Although they have started to move away from cracked titles, you can still find them, and in good condition. The site was up for a while but sadly fell to the wayside. For now, the best bet for movies is going to stay here. They dont update as fast as some of the others.