This can be very helpful for new users who are not familiar with the internet, and are unaware of the dangers of downloading rogue/pirated software. As well as assisting this group of users, the author has done us all a favor by highlighting the best tools that exist for this very purpose.

In my personal opinion, this is the best site for searching for games. Through this site I have been able to download countless games and even crack them. Now because this site is specific, it only suggests games that are readily available through other sites. Like I said before, don’t go downloading games from random websites.

Warez has been synonymous with bitrates for a long time, but now the gaming community has used this site to share cracked games for Windows. There are many popular downloaders on the site, and user reviews on the download pages will usually indicate if a specific user has a working crack. Warez is very popular, and the other sites aren’t as popular, but they can still be useful if you want to download Windows games.

This site is still one of the best, but it hasnt been updated for a few years now. Theres also a few of the other sites on this list that are closed now, but they still had tons of downloads and were one of the best for the game and used to have a lot more than just indie games on the main page (Sonic Mania anyone?).

8notes is a very popular site to download Windows games for a lot of different systems. They also have a “releases” category in the sidebar with plenty of games in there, but usually most of the games have a Windows crack. 8notes is also very popular, so if you want to save time and look for a game, that might be the place to go.