But if you are really interested in a cracked app, then it is more likely to be reliable software. It doesnt mean that the apps are of bad quality as they are still legitimate. Therefore, you can use the cracked apps to test the functionality of the app before buying it. You can get cracked apps from any website. But make sure that you download cracked apps only from the sites that are reliable. There are websites which claim to offer cracked apps for free. But it is a scam and you are buying a cracked app from a website and not the genuine one. So it can end up being a case of malware which is a virus that gets delivered to you in the form of a cracked app. So do check the integrity of the website if you are going to download cracked apps from it.

As most of the programs are working fine with a cracked version, you dont need to find a reliable website to download cracked software. But if you want it to work perfect then you can find the cracked software at the official website of the company. But it doesnt mean that the official website of the software gives you a cracked version of the software. Its just that the original website is not available for download. And thus, the software is not available for the public. Therefore, you can download software from the official website.

But, if you want the software to work well with a cracked version, then your best option is to get it from any website and not from the official website of the software. The main reason is that the official website will also have a cracked version of the software. But its a scam and in fact its illegal to crack the software. Therefore, you must stay away from official websites where they claim to offer cracked software for free. So you should not download cracked software from the official websites of the software.