You can typically get a cracked version of a game if you visit the website of the developer. If you pay a little money for the privilege, the developer will provide you with a crack or a patch which you can download and run on your computer. Just make sure you understand how to use these files. Continue reading our guide to getting a cracked game on Steam.

You can also download games from another player’s game library, but usually you have to add them first by visiting the share menu and selecting “add to library.” If you already added them to your Steam library by visiting them in the game library, you can skip this step. By doing so, you’re downloading the game from the original owner. When you do, you will have to provide a little information about yourself to the owner so he or she knows who is downloading their game (like your Steam user ID), and so the owner can add you to their friends list. Continue reading our guide to downloading cracked games in Steam.

Visit a site that’s popular with gamers, like GamersGate or Nice Gamez, and search for the game you want. Some game titles are available with free demos of the game. If you’re on a budget, the demo is a great way to try a game before you buy it. Some sites require you to “pay to play,” and you may have to pay a membership fee for your convenience. Continue reading our guide to download games using various sites and their features.

If you are quite happy for other users to know what you are doing with your games, and don’t mind being suspended, you can play most of your games without consequence without needing to step foot in a battle. Of course, the truth is, you’ll need to be cautious, there are plenty of people out there who spy on what you are doing and are actively trying to get your information. Luckily, play2games is completely anonymous! The site works by a user of the site entering your info and bidding for a game. You get to choose what you want and which user to bid against, and Play2games then drops a link to your game download on your behalf. What you get for your payment is the ultimate license allowing you to install the game on as many machines as you like, without needing to provide your personal information or sharing your account.