Capps Store is a trustworthy, community-driven web site which is useful for those users who want to download cracked applications for different devices. In addition to cracked applications, this site also offers reuploaded apps.

UCC AppStore is a trustworthy and popular website where users share cracked applications. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, offering support for Windows, Android, and iOS. The price for downloads is one of the lowest of all the sites, and they never ask for extra money. The best thing about UCC AppStore is that they have a huge repository for cracked apps.

ModMiner is a website which aims to provide the easiest way to find the latest cracked and modded apps. The site provides a simple search to find the modded apps, and is easily personalized. You can also create your own modded app list.

Max2Play is a site for downloading cracked apps for Windows and Mac OS X. The website provides only one function – Downloads. To download an app, simply click on the download button and the cracked app will be automatically downloaded to your computer. To make the download process faster, the website provides an option of ‘Download Only’ or ‘Download and Install’.

Thanks for adding and commenting. You are right, it’s pretty hard to know which sites to trust when there are so many negative reviews. We have done the best we can to find the best, and have explained why if you want more details. Good luck in your search for new games.

Here is a link to the game-related site that is being recommended. This site is known as “Skidrow” and has been around for a long time. Although the site is free to use, in many cases the download links go to places such as RapidShare and Zaobao, and these are not trusted by the site or by the user. We include this site because it’s definitely not the best site to use. If you have a more trusted source, then by all means use that. Good luck!