This site boasts of having more than 5000 softwares to download for free. The site is not as popular as the above two sites, as it is not popular, so it would take a very long time to find your favourite softwares and add them to your favourites. Though it does have a huge collection of softwares, it is a bit complicated when you start clicking on various softwares to download. So, click on download, find your favourite software, and voila, it is ready for download. Make sure that you don’t click on any link which could lead you to some malware.

Downloads for cracked software on this site are usually older versions, and not the latest stable version released by the respective software company. One should be careful to download cracked softwares from here as it might come with other malwares, so you need to be careful.

I havnt a clue as to why you would want a cracked app but I just thought I would mention. According to some forums that I read these apps tend to be full of adware and spyware so that you need to get rid of and not use the app. I have tested multiple apps and it will work on my devices but doesn’t work on other devices. Also I don’t own a Samsung phone so I can’t give advice for that but for example I’ve been trying to get the Urban Rivals app to work on my phone and they only run on Android 4 and 5 and the Samsung phone that I have requires Android 6.

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