Finally, most of the sites on our list are a bit outdated. But, that doesnt matter here, because we included the best of the best. Marigame is one of them and it has thousands of games available for direct downloading, no need torrent and no need to download and install a game. Marigame is the site of millions of people every year because it has lots of different games to select from. . . . Which is the best site to download cracked and full version

And finally, the best site to download cracked games is CrackClap. They bring a lot of games and they also have a different structure. The main page (the one youre redirected to when you visit any cracked site) includes around 50 games and the games are all organized by genre and whether its a demo game or a full version game. CrackClap makes it easy to find the cracked game you want. They have videos and all it takes is a few clicks, so they are the best site to download cracked games.

Best sites to download cracked games are: CODEX, RARBG, IGN, Gamesky, The Pirate Bay, 1337x, Flaming Download and so on. The best sites to download games are: Team Win, Flaming Download, CrackClap and so on. Please feel free to share any other website you think is on this list. Also, please share any comment or suggestion you think is worth including.

You can find software as a torrent and as a ZIP file, as well as on CD or DVD. Some sites also offer ISO images for those who wish to put the software on a removable medium of their choice. All except the last two might be safer for the average user. Torrents tend to be more secure than other file sharing methods, as if you’re downloading the software illegally, people have no way of ‘following’ you to know where you’ve been. Torrent data is also cleartext; web proxies can’t alter the file, and in general, your ISP shouldn’t be able to tell what you’re doing.