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The number of cracked apps and software available has increased due to the popularity of the websites that distribute them. This is a list of only the best of these websites, ranked by my personal opinion, not by number of downloads. This list includes some of the Top 50 sites that cracked software for Windows and Mac software is on. Without further adieu, here are the Top 50 Sites to Crack windows software.

The cracked file can be used by simply double clicking on the file. If you wish to download a cracked software file, a good number of the cracked files are rather reputable and proven to work effectively. The great thing about a cracked file is that it is downloaded using the original cracked software. There is no risk of the files being corrupted.

The free software is created by completely different developers each time, which is why it always works well. Software can be purchased and installed, in which case it is quite normal that the size is growing. Typically this growth is caused by the re-installation of the software, installation of the updates or, as is the case with applications, because of their popularity.

In terms of the quality of the files, the cracked software is very reliable. In addition, the installation of these files is very simple and almost always goes well, as few have any doubt that a cracked software will be a reliable product.