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Cartilha Alegria De Saber Em Pdf Download

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Data from a purebred and crossbred sheep population reared in Spain were used to estimate genetic parameters for breed-specific and combined effects for fatness traits. The predictions were made using a random-effects animal model. Estimated heritabilities for body measurements traits were low for the two purebred types (0.05-0.10) and low for the combined data (0.05). The heritabilities of fatness traits were higher (0.24-0.37) and similar to those for body measurement traits for the crossbred animals. The heritabilities for the parental components estimated from combined effects for fatness traits were lower (0.04-0.16) than for the combined effects. The genetic correlations among the traits were low to moderate in the purebreds and crossbreds. For the combined effects, the genetic correlations among the traits were high to moderate, with the highest values for the fatness traits with the body measurement traits and the lowest value for the fatness traits with each other. It is proposed that fatness traits may be moderately to highly correlated with the body measurement traits and with each other. A genetic evaluation for fatness traits in the purebreds would be meaningful to improve a selection index to improve the production traits of the breed.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a position determination device.
2. Description of the Related Art
Non-contact IC card contactless IC cards have been placed into practical use as contactless IC cards. In such a contactless IC card, a silicon integrated circuit for communications is formed on a silicon substrate. Furthermore, a non-contact IC card contactless IC card contacts a contactless IC card reader upon transmitting information in an antenna, and receives a response by the receipt of a radio wave, thereby acquiring information.
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