Cheap and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Home, According to Reddit
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Many of our homes probably received a bit of a spruce up during two years of lockdown. But now that we’re allowed out again, who has the time? Luckily, Reddit has come to the rescue with ideas for quick home improvements you can do for cheap.

Here are some suggestions.

Cheap and easy home improvement ideas

Cheap and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Home, According to Reddit
Cheap and easy home improvement ideas. Image: Getty

In one Reddit thread, a user asked ‘What sub-$100 home improvements do you swear by and think every homeowner should do?’

Some of the suggestions the internet came back with were:

  • “$20 replaced the little wheels on the patio slider screen door. Now the door rolls open instead of scratching along the tracks,” – u/ok-answer-9350
  • u/whyamisosoftinthemid suggested “Address numbers that are very visible from the street,” which was upvoted 1.9K times. It’s important for delivery drivers!
  • “One of my favourite things I did when we bought our house was buy a $6 bottle of silicon lubricant, take out all the drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms, and lube the rollers and tracks. Then lubed all the door hinges and closet door rollers and tracks. Took me an afternoon to do it all but now everything opens and closes smooth as butter with no squeaking,” said u/mikevanetta
  • “Motion detection light switch in the foyer. Never have to go down and turn off a light the kids forget, also great when your hands are full coming in the door.” – u/furtive. Another user (u/fnordnordfnordfnord) added that a motion detector lightbulb in the wardrobe also makes a world of difference

In another thread discussing simple and inexpensive home improvements, users came up with:

  • “New toilet seats, especially a soft close version. It’s a really simple thing but it’s a nice [home] upgrade,” – u/StringOfLights said.
  • “One of the more recent “budget-friendly” updates I just did was install LED light strips for under the kitchen and/or utility cabinets. They were around $15-$20 a strip! Made a huge difference since we don’t have any recessed lighting!” – u/tsheaby
  • “Rearrange furniture (move your bed to a different wall, swap chairs in different rooms, etc.)” – u/Masshole_in_RI
  • u/Zindel1, who has a history flipping houses, said, “New handles for cabinets, doors and drawers. New light fixtures. Honestly, if it’s nice just the wrong colour spray paint can fix it. These don’t get touched so will last a very long time and looks great.”

If these suggestions have inspired you to tackle some projects around the home, we’ve also gathered some tips from Australia’s favourite home warehouse Bunnings, to help you with your task.

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