POCATELLO – Home improvement and garden products, food, and more will be available at Spring Fair this week.

Raven Production’s Spring Fair starts Thursday in the Idaho State University Holt Arena. The owners are excited for thousands of people from many places to come to Pocatello for the event and see a wide range of home goods.

Raven Productions is co-owned by Bob Bloxham and Kate DeLate, a couple married for 38 years. In 1990, they started Raven Productions and put together the first Spring Fair.

DeLate said that it took effort for them to find a vendor to represent different sectors of home goods like building, landscaping and personal products. But even that first year, DeLate said they sold out every spot available to vendors.

Bloxham called the event an annual “family reunion.”

“People love Spring Fair because it’s the first event of the season, a great place to bring the family, walk the aisle, talk to the vendors and then enjoy a delicious meal,” Bloxham said.

After 31 years of operation, Raven Productions now call the Spring Fair the state’s premier home show. It would have been in operation for 33 years, but due to the pandemic, they had to postpone the event for two years in 2020 and 2021.

This is now Raven Productions’ second year of operation since that two-year postponement, and Bloxham doesn’t even feel that there were any kinks to work out when they started it up again.

“I mean, after 30 years of this, I’ve got a checklist, and as long as everything’s checked off and we’re pretty much golden,” Bloxham said. “There are always little fires that come up, but we haven’t found one yet that we haven’t been able to put out. Spring Fair continues to evolve as new home and garden products come onto the market. For example, one vendor has gone from pedal bikes to e-bikes, and the changes in lawn equipment, and building products has also progressed. We now have solar companies represented!”

Bloxham and DeLate’s upcoming Spring Fair will offer patrons access to over 200 vendors from all across the intermountain area as well as California, Oregon and Washington. Bloxham said that the fair averages 15,000 attendees from not just East Idaho but all over the country.

New vendors at the Spring Fair will feature solar panels, adjustable beds, jewelry, portable sheds, hot tubs, windows, doors, siding, lawn and garden equipment, and greenhouses.

The vendors at Spring Fair won’t just offer home goods, Bloxham said. Over fifteen of the vendors will offer food items, such as “Greek gyros, teriyaki chicken, gourmet sandwiches and hotdogs, Indian tacos, sweet and savory crepes, corn dogs, soup in a bread bowl, mini donuts, candied apples, fudge, meat sticks, gourmet licorice and much more, including the standard fare of hamburgers, baked potatoes, curly fries and ice cream.”

Admission is $3 and free for children under 12 when accompanied by a guardian. The event will take place from noon to 9 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m on Saturday. People will only be allowed to enter on the north side due to the construction on the stadium.

DeLate feels proud that the fair is showcasing so many businesses that made it through the pandemic and still surviving.

“It makes me thrilled to see the amount of vendors that we have in there and what they’re providing for Pocatello in one place. To me, it’s just a true success story,” DeLate said.

Find out more about Spring Fair here.

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