It’s been a hotly debated topic in the medical world for years, and nothing has changed much in the years since. Casual sex is pretty safe, if you can be careful when you’re out there. Sex is messy, and the risks don’t really play out the same for everyone. So what are the pros and cons to having casual sex? What are the health risks and potential dangers? After all, it could be one of the best things to happen to your relationship.
Perceived lack of risk of casual sex
You might be shocked when you hear that a potential physical consequence for casual sex is lower than with traditional sex. This is because there’s a lack of emotional attachment, and less physical contact, says sex therapist Dr. Regan Faludi. Staying safe for casual sex and protecting yourself against STDs will help you avoid any potential impact to your health, which means that casual sex is, overall, a pretty safe choice for now. But that doesn’t mean that STDs won’t happen — they just won’t be as harmful as they can be if you’re having regular sex.
So the risks of casual sex can be lessened through protection. But there’s also an educational element to casual sex. “You may think you know what you’re doing when you meet up, but in actuality, you really don’t know what you’re doing, or how to do it right,” says Dr. Faludi. This is something that can be avoided when having sex with someone you know.
Avoiding emotional consequences of casual sex
According to a study done by Fox News in 2018, a casual encounter could result in feelings of sadness and loneliness. And while the same study implies that casual sex can be emotionally beneficial, that might actually be only a small part of the equation. Of course there’s a degree of emotional attachment with monogamy and the promise of a long-lasting committed relationship. However, since casual sex tends to have less of a relationship aspect, and it can be super open-ended and go on and on, the emotional consequences can sometimes be quite the opposite.
Feeling regret for casual sex
Being on a regular basis open to casual sex means that you can open yourself up to feeling regret. This is especially true if casual sex is something that seems to have become the norm of the culture you’re part of. Many people feel like they have no choice but to do casual sex because it’s something they feel they don’t have the courage to do otherwise. But if you’re okay with
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If everyone were all self-reliant, content in their one-guy-or-girldom, you’d have a tough time convincing us that casual sex was anything but a no-brainer. But an increasing amount of evidence suggests that this singular pursuit is anything but natural. Out of all sexual acts, casual sex may be the most misunderstood, least-talked-about, and furthest from the best-case scenario. But the “thought leaders of women’s health” themselves are now issuing warnings.
In the question and answer section of Dr. Ruth’s Facebook page, there was a long thread in which a woman described all the men she’s had sex with, and the frequency with which she had sex. This was followed by a long thread where people weighed in with their views, including one contributor who claimed that sex once a week was a healthy lifestyle. As a public health official, I have no idea how to respond to this kind of comment, so I’ll let another reader take over: “Then you are completely missing the main issues,” they write. “This means that you never had a stable partner, you were promiscuous, you were mistreated, you were abused, you were desperate. Anything but what I was told to do. You were self-centered and a slut and you’re a role model to women? Shame on you.”
It makes sense that casual sex is still relatively taboo — there’s not much of a whole in it. You only have to look at the rule books for most sports for more examples of unwritten rules that simply exist because it’s the right thing to do. I’m fairly ethical when it comes to casual sex, and I’d never want to shame a person who can’t see themselves being able to date someone for any length of time. But, if you’re serious about your sex life, it’s good to have an idea about where it’s going. Casual relationships aren’t worth the risk to your long-term relationships, and someone who has been recently single should seek out a dating app specifically for people who are looking for sex only. These types of dating apps could include the casual sex friend zone, the group of women who are looking to have sex, or the male crowd who’s looking for their first sexual experience.
Keep in mind that everyone is different, and there’s no single definition of what casual sex means to you. But, if you’re talking about sex with people who aren’t your future significant other, but who you know in real